Most terrifying horror characters

Who is the scariest of them all? We round up the most blood-curdling horror characters ever!

Annabelle, the killer doll from the Conjuring and Annabelle movies, including the upcoming Annabelle Comes Home, is terrifying, and is known to haunt and kill people left and right. She’s always had a bit of a thing for Ed and Lorraine Warren, but here’s hoping she doesn’t kill them before The Conjuring 3 comes out! 

Michael Myers

Michael Myers is the monster at the core of the Halloween movies, and he’s the guy in the white William Shatner mask who stalks Jamie Lee Curtis and seems to be un-killable. He’s the definition of clingy, but at least he’s found a strong, distinct look!


Buddi appears in the new Childs Play movie. In the old series, he was possessed by a serial killer, but here, he’s an AI enabled doll that goes haywire! It’s a frightening, awesome movie with the killer doll going absolutely nuts, but it’s also a very good argument for only letting your kids play with a cup-and-ball.

Freddy Kruger

Freddy Kruger, from the Nightmare on Elm St series, is a vicious, deformed killer with a claw on one hand who haunts his victims dreams. So he’s basically Edward Scissorhands, only instead of making ice sculptures and trying to pretty ladies, he’s icing people and trying to kill pretty ladies.


Pennywise the clown. AKA, the reason people are scared of clowns. You may have seen Pennywise trying to kill the kids in IT, and you’ll see him trying to kill those same kids, now grown up, in IT chapter 2. But we’re honestly just impressed that he’s so focussed and goal-oriented. 

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