Incredible moments you won’t believe are actually bloopers

Which iconic movies have become better because of huge mistakes?
You’d be surprised how often a mistake makes it into the finished film. If the filmmakers and performers are on their game, a proper blooper can sneak by…until now. Here are five screw-ups that survived to reach the final version of your favourite movies!

Star Wars

How many times have you watched Star Wars: A New Hope? Hundreds? Thousands? Us too. Well, how many times did you watch the Stormtrooper up the back of this group? And did you see him absolutely clock his head on the door, then keep running? This is one of those “once you see it you can’t un-see it” moments for sure. No wonder the Empire lost!

Django: Unchained

Leonardo DiCaprio plays a slave-trading piece of herbage, and in the middle of having a proper tantrum, he slams his hand on the table. In this take, you can see him smash a glass, cut his hand… and just keep on acting. Tarantino liked the performance so much that he kept it in the final cut of the film.

The Fellowship of the Ring

Obviously, being a huge freaking wizard in a tiny Hobbit house was always going to be a plot-point. So Ian McKellen always planned to bump his head that first time. The second time, however? Total mistake, and Peter Jackson dug it so much he left it in.

Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman is basically the perfect movie. It has everything!! Romance, intrigue, drama, and Julia Roberts. In this scene, her character had finally been treated like the queen she was, and carefully reached out to touch this amazing necklace Richard Gere got her… and SNAP! A total improv moment from Gere got this genuine response, which they kept in.

The Dark Knight

This one is our fave. Heath Ledger’s Joker had to press the button and set off the bomb. There was a stuff-up with the timing, though, so Ledger, totally in-character, goofily banged away at the remote and acted surprised but cool-as-hell when it finally went off. A huge, expensive mistake became an iconic character moment.

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