8 best superheroes in movies

There are so many superheroes in movies right now. But which ones rise above all the rest?
Christian Bale – Batman

Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy was iconic, and completely reshaped the way we look at superhero movies. Up until this point, the genre was mostly goofy, riddled with Tobey Maguire in a rubber suit and excessive bat-nipples. Bale’s Batman was vulnerable, realistic, and deeply human. 

Hugh Jackman – Wolverine

The X-Men movies basically began the superhero movie boom, and while they were always super patchy, Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine was the best thing about them. In fact, not only was he iconic in the role of the gruff, clawed madman, but his what-if spinoff, Logan, is one of the best superhero films ever made.

Gal Gadot – Wonder Woman

In one fell swoop, Gadot’s Wonder Woman swept away any argument that woman superheroes couldn’t hold their own. Not only is Wonder Woman great, and the hero in it basically perfect, but we’re getting a sequel set in the 1980s! It’s called Wonder Woman 1984, and we can’t wait to go back in time.

Chris Evans – Captain America

The ultimate good guy, Captain America has been good in all nine MCU movies he appeared in. He’s kind, brave, noble, and ridiculously ripped. The world needs more people like Captain America, and by all accounts, Chris Evans himself is basically Steve Rogers IRL, too.

Robert Downey Jr. – Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. is another Marvel movie actor who shares a lot in common with his superhero counterpart! His depiction of Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, helped shape the superhero genre, and while he probably won’t be appearing as Iron Man in any more movies (though we have our fingers crossed), he’s had an incredible run.

The Incredibles – The Incredibles

OK, this one is a bit of a cheat, but they’re a family so they’re practically a single hero. But if we had to pick one of the superpowered Pixar family, we’d go with Mrs Incredible, AKA Helen Parr, AKA Elastagirl. Being a super-powered mum is one thing, but being the strong, moral core of a group as varied and frenetic as her family is another.

Miles Morales – Into the Spider-Verse

Yes, there’ve been heaps of versions of Spider Man. But none have been quite as dynamic, complicated and wonderful as Miles Morales, a kid who witnesses the death of Peter Parker and then has to contend with a cross-dimensional team-up with other versions of Spidey. Don’t sleep on this movie, it’s one of the best of the genre.

David Dunn – Unbreakable

Bruce Willis did something incredible back in the year 2000 – he played a superhero in an origin story that grounded superheroes as real people. Unbreakable is criminally underrated, and whilst the sequel, Glass, was disappointing, Unbreakable gives viewers a superhero unlike anything being thrown around at the moment.

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