The 10 most epic Game of Thrones moments

Game of Thrones is over, but we’ve rounded up the ten biggest and best moments from the show of the decade.
Game of Thrones has drawn to a close, and people are still reeling from – and arguing over – that finale. But here at Roadshow, we’ve been loudly debating over which moments from the show’s gargantuan, record-breaking run were the best. And here, after much debate, are our top ten moments.

10. Kings landing heats up

Sure, it kind of came out of nowhere. Sure, a lot of people died. But the burning of King’s Landing sits firmly on this list because it looked incredible. It was one of the most visually overwhelming spectacles in the show, and people are still talking about it.

9. The Ned Stark plotline comes to a head 

Ned Stark, the kind, honest and noble head of the Stark family, makes a foolish mistake… he tells people what he’s thinking and gets horribly betrayed. This moment was the first real twist in Game of Thrones and we remain shaken by it.

8. Dragons!

One of the selling points of Game of Thrones is dragons, but don’t forget, this wasn’t a thing until the very end of the first season. This scene (which has been carefully pixelated, obviously) showed just what Daenerys was capable of.

7. Hodor

Finding out where the big simple lump that was Hodor actually got his name? Insane. Heartbreaking. And utterly perfect.

6. Falling down the mountain

When Oberyn, aka The Viper, the sassy warrior from across the sands showed down against The Mountain, we had high hopes. Everyone did. We were all wrong. More than that, we were all left dry retching when The Mountain was done with him.

5. Down comes the wall

We always thought of The Wall as a bit of a fixer-upper, so to be honest, seeing it blown down by an angry dragon was something of a relief. The Night’s Watch were understandably devastated, though. Truly an epic moment of aggressive renovation.

4. Ice dragon!

What’s cooler than a regular dragon? An ice dragon! When The Night King killed the dragon Viserion and used spooky death magic to turn him into an ice-dragon, we gasped. Some of us thought the dragon was just wearing blue contacts, but we gasped anyway.

3. The Red Wedding

The single worst wedding ever. No amount of drunken uncles, inappropriate best-man speeches or wet-weather at your wedding could ever measure up to this absolute nightmare. We’re still mad about what happens to Robb, his wife and his mum, Catelyn, but The Red Wedding makes number two on this list all the sweeter…

2. The North Remembers

Arya becomes a face-changing killing machine and delivers terrible, delicious justice to the scumbag Frey who killed her brother, mother and sister-in-law. There is something so perfect and almost therapeutic about watching Arya make things right. Which brings us to number one…

1. Nighty night, King!

The Night King, positioned to take over Westeros and keep being super bad, got taken down by Arya in the most cheer-worthy moment in the entire series. The last season might have been controversial, but it brought us this, so it was clearly all worth it.

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