Who is Les Norton?

A black comedy set in Kings Cross in the eighties… what more could you want?
Everyone is talking about the upcoming series Les Norton, but what actually is it? And what is all the buzz about?

Set in 1985, the series will follow the adventures of Les Norton, a guy from outback Queensland who flees a messy past and finds himself working as a bouncer in Kings Cross. At an illegal casino, no less. Things kind of spiral from there.

The cast is one of the most exciting things about Les Norton – not only will Aussie treasure Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect, Bridesmaids) feature, but so will David Wenham (Romper Stomper, Wake in Fright, Top of the Lake). Les Norton himself will be played by newcomer Alexander Bertrand.

There’ll be heaps of great talent in the director’s chair too, with episodes directed by the directors of The Dressmaker and Underbelly involved.

The series will be airing on the ABC, who are super excited to bring the messy, exciting story of Les Norton to life. Based on the bestselling series of novels, Les Norton is absolutely going to rocket to the top of your must-watch pile when it airs on the 4th of August at 8:30pm.

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