6 Times Emma Thompson Proved She's the Queen of Comedy

Emma Thompson has serious comedy chops. But what are her best comedic roles?
Emma Thompson is a master of drama, widely regarded as one of the finest actors of her generation. She’s incredible. Frankly, we’ve been crushing on her for a long time. But did you know she has some serious comedic chops? Here’s six times Emma proved she’s a comedy queen.


It takes a serious talent to see a script for something as weird as Junior, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger gets pregnant with Danny DeVito’s help, and make it pop. Emma plays Dr. Diana Reddin, who works in cryogenics and is roped into helping the two with their tests. The movie is goofy and charming, and she’s the main reason why.

Stranger Than Fiction

This movie is utterly brilliant. Will Ferrell, giving a very down-beat and complicated performance, plays a struggling writer whose life begins getting narrated… by Emma Thompson. Well, but a hugely successful author played by Emma, but it’s her wit and humour and darkness that weaves together this entire movie.

Late Night

Emma is on fire in Late Night, a new comedy where a late-night host (played by Thompson) has to bring in a new writer because of struggling ratings. That writer is played by the brilliant Mindy Kaling, who also wrote the movie! If you want to see Emma Thompson at the height of her comedic powers, this satire is going to check all your boxes.

Bridget Jones’s Baby

Thompson only has a small role in the third Bridget Jones movie, but she’s amazing as Bridget’s deadpan OBGYN. And given that the plot revolves around figuring out who Bridget’s baby’s dad is, her role is kind of pivotal.

The Love Punch

Emma Thompson? Check. Pierce Brosnan? Check. A heist? Check. The Love Punch is a super charming comedy about a middle-aged couple refusing to take an injustice lying down, and it’s not just underrated, it’s a really great example of Thompson’s comedic abilities.

Much Ado About Nothing

Back when Thompson was still with then-husband Kenneth Branagh, back in 1993, Much Ado About Nothing was a huge hit. A comedy based on the Shakespeare play of the same name, it also stars Keanu Reeves, Denzel Washington, Michael Keaton… but Thompson’s comedic timing completely stole the show.

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