The rise and rise of Lucas Hedges

Time to Hedge your bets on the hottest up-and-comer in Hollywood.
Lucas Hedges might be one of the most promising actors Hollywood has seen is a long time. Let’s take a look at the rise of the guy who’s so hot right now, Lucas Hedges.

For starters, did you know he got an Oscar nomination for his role in the critically acclaimed Manchester by the Sea? His role as a complex teenage orphan in this heartbreaking flick got the whole world’s attention. He wasn’t done there, though.

Next up, Lucas starred opposite absolute powerhouse Frances McDormand in the Oscar winning Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Playing a son dealing with a dead sister, an abusive dad and a grief-stricken mum proved, yet again, what he was capable of.

In Lady Bird, Hedges showed he was capable of playing something lighter and more fun, but his turn in this critical hit across from Saoirse Ronan also let our up-and-comer show off his trademark hidden depths. 

We really can’t wait for this one, and apparently neither can anyone else. Mid90s (written and directed by Jonah Hill) follows a young skater, and Lucas plays his pretty awful older brother. Always good to see someone play the bad guy so convincingly.

Boy Erased got Lucas a Golden Globe nomination for his role as a kid who goes through the utterly inhumane process of gay conversion therapy – Hedges gained critical acclaim for his complicated, tortured turn alongside Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe in this Joel Edgerton-directed tearjerker.

Next up on his climb to superstardom, Lucas is starring in Ben is Back, an intense, emotional film about an addict son returning home for Christmas. He and Julia Roberts are garnering early Oscar buzz, and here’s a fun fact: Lucas’ dad is the writer and director!

Not satisfied with conquering the big screen, Lucas is doing what all the greats do – making his Broadway debut. His role in a run of The Waverly Gallery is already getting universal critical acclaim. Seems there’s nothing our boy can’t do!

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