Actors with Surprising Origins

You won’t believe how many of your favourite stars are from somewhere else.
Christian Bale

Christian Bale recently freaked us out when he got up to accept his Golden Globe for Vice… and spoke in a thick British accent! Bale was born in Pembrokeshire, Wales, which might be about as far from America as you can get.

Gillian Anderson

At first, we were convinced Gillian Anderson, AKA Dana Scully, just did a really great British accent. But it turns out that while she was born in America, when she was little she was raised in London until she was 11, so she has both accents! It’s called being bidialectal, and it’s awesome.

Damian Lewis

The former star of Homeland, and the current star of Billions, is American. Right? Wrong! He’s British! He’s made a career out of affecting a variety of accents, but he was actually born in London. I guess you could say England is HIS homeland.

KJ Apa 

First off, his full name is Keneti James Fitzgerald Apa, and secondly, the re-headed star of Riverdale isn’t American. He’s from New Zealand! Full-on Kiwi accent. And is if that wasn’t bad enough… he’s not a real redhead! Is nothing sacred?

Tom Holland

You’d be forgiven for assuming that Peter Parker, AKA Spider Man, the protector of New York City, would be from, if not New York, somewhere in America. Turns out he’s a Brit. Yep, a classically trained Englishman. We’re starting to think all the big Hollywood roles are being snapped up by performers from the UK.

Daniel Kaluuya 

Daniel Kaluuya absolutely blew us away with his star turn on Jordan Peele’s Get Out, but he also recently appeared in the much-loved Black Panther. Based on how this list is going, though, where would you guess he hails from? Yep. England.

Matthew Rhys

One of our fave shows, The Americans, just wrapped up. Critically acclaimed, the show followed two Russian spies posing as an American couple, so we guess we shouldn’t be surprised that there’s some lies being told about people’s accents. Matthew Rhys, who plays Philip Jennings in the show, is actually Welsh, and has a pretty thick, fabulous accent.

Keanu Reeves

In news that had us muttering “whoa” in our best Keanu voice, turns out Mr. Anderson was actually born in Beirut, Lebanon. OK, we hear you thinking, then he moved to America, right? Wrong. Canada. Now we don’t know what to think.

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