Movies robbed of the Best Picture Oscar

Someone call the cops… there’s been a robbery.
Typically, when there’s been a robbery there’s a smoking gun, sirens going off and cops everywhere. That doesn’t seem to happen with the Academy Awards though, and there’ve been some serious robberies with Best Picture over the years. Let’s take a look at the six biggest rip-offs in the history of the Oscar for Best Picture.

6. Goodfellas

Martin Scorsese’s iconic, brutal and trend-setting tale of getting tangled up with the mafia was, in a word, perfect. Everyone loved it. It boasted an insane cast, an amazing soundtrack, and the world was sure it would win Best Picture. What stole the award on the night, though? Kevin Costner period drama Dances with Wolves. We can only imagine how Joe Pesci’s ‘Tommy DeVito’ would react to the news.

5. Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Remember a world that hadn’t ever encountered Indiana Jones? Well, Raiders Of The Lost Ark absolutely blew audiences away. It had adventure, excitement, and Harrison Ford swinging a whip around. What won instead? Period drama Chariots of Fire. Let us ask you this: all these years later, which of the two has had the bigger cultural impact?

4. Saving Private Ryan 

Saving Private Ryan was a real left-of-field outing for Steven Spielberg, whose regular offerings were… well, very much of the Indiana Jones, light-hearted adventure variety. Then he crafts this violent, heartbreaking story set during World War 2, with Tom Hanks giving the performance of a lifetime. What won instead? Shakespeare in Love. Gutted.

3. Brokeback Mountain 

Brokeback Mountain is a masterpiece. Ang Lee told the story of two ranchers who have an affair, with Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal giving incredible performances. The film hit the whole world right in the feels, and was poised to clean up Best Picture before Crash swooped in. What is Crash? Hardly anyone remembers. That’s how mad we all were that Brokeback Mountain lost out on Best Picture.

2. Get Out 

Jordan Peele proved with Get Out that he’s basically the new Alfred Hitchcock. It was a critically acclaimed gut-punch, a tight, frightening little indie horror that excelled on literally every level. It was also getting an unbelievable amount of Oscar buzz, and lost out to The Shape of Water.

1. Citizen Kane

When people are asked to say what the “greatest film of all time” is, they typically throw Citizen Kane into the mix. Orson Welles made one of the biggest, most important movies ever made! Ever wanted proof that award ceremonies get things wrong? They gave Best Picture not to Citizen Kane, but to How Green Was My Valley, a dull drama about a Welsh mining family.

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