The Signature Style of Guy Ritchie

What is it that makes Guy Ritchie movies so special?
There’s nothing quite as distinct as a Guy Ritchie film. The second the credits roll, you know without a doubt whose work you’re watching. But what are the signature moves that Ritchie uses to weave his magic? What are the iconic stylish touches you’ll only find in a Guy Ritchie movie?

Stylish titles

The opening titles of Guy Ritchie movies do more than just introduce the cast – they introduce the characters, giving viewers a slick, stylish run-down of who they’ll be watching for the next few hours. 

Cockney slang

Cockney slang is something unique to Britain. It’s weird rhyming phrases that mean something else entirely, and Guy Ritchie slathers it on his scenes like sauce on a sanga. Here’s an iconic example from his breakout hit, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels!


BAM! Ritchie’s fight scenes are an absolute mess, in the best possible way. Whether it’s gangsters, crime-fighters or future kings, everyone in Guy Ritchie films seems up for a tussle, and boy oh boy, do those fights look good on screen.


What is cooler than action scenes? Action scenes filmed in stylish slow-motion, that’s what. Ritchie used slow-mo to give us glimpses into the innter workings of his characters, which in turn makes the slow-mo action move the plot forward. Plus, it looks very, very cool.

Crime, crime, crime

Look, let’s be honest. Guy Ritchie has a thing for crime, and his films are best when they revolve around the sordid, gritty, hilarious adventures being had by criminals. The thing is, though, that Ritchie’s heroes are always the more honourable thieves in the bunch, as The Gentlemen will prove when it hits cinemas.

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