Best British Crime Capers

Bangers and mash, it’s time for some British crime films!
Oi! Geezers! Do you like crime films, with bad guys who are charming and have hearts of gold? Do you like cockney slang? Then you’ll be bang-up for this foolproof list of British crime capers. Pour a scotch and strap in.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

The second Lock Stock blasted it’s way onto cinema screens all the way back in 1998, everyone knew it was going to be a hit. Funny, smart and violent, it tells the story of a guy who loses a fortune to a crim, and so he and his mates decide to get the money by robbing some crooks who live next door. It’s a brilliant, brave, filthy little gem of a movie.

Get Carter

One of the roles that put Michael Caine on the map, this brutal British gangster flick from the swinging sixties is a classic. It follows a British gangster who heads back to his hometown to find that his brother has died under dodgy circumstances. Weirdly, there was a remake in the year 2000 starring… Sylvester Stallone as Carter?
Sexy Beast

What a banger of a movie. Ray Winstone plays a thief who has retired… and who gets pulled violently out of retirement for one last job, by a psychopathic ex-gangster. The gangster in question is played by Ben Kingsley, and his role here earned him an Academy Award nomination. Sexy Beast is an absolute masterpiece.

The Gentlemen

Finally, a new Guy Ritchie movie! And believe us, this one is a hell of a ride. It follows a slew of new and colourful characters. There’s Mickey Pearson, played by Matthew McConaughey, a slow-to-anger king of a weed empire. There’s Fletcher, played by Hugh Grant, a sleazy journalist with an eye for blackmail. There’s even Coach, played by Colin Farrell, a boxing coach whose boys get in way over their heads. It’s explosive, witty and awesome.

Layer Cake

This is the film that put Daniel Craig in the spotlight, ready to play James Bond. Made by Matthew Vaughn (the guy who made the Kingsman films), it’s all about a cocaine distributor trying to escape the criminal industry with some pretty crazy results.


Legend has two brilliant co-stars: Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy! Hardy plays both Kray brothers. The Krays were a real brotherly duo, twins who terrorized the East End of London in the 1950s and 1960s, and this unforgettable film won critical acclaim across the board. Do you reckon they had to pay Hardy twice?


How do you follow up something as amazing and trendsetting as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels? Easy. You one-up yourself and make Snatch, a filthy, furious, funny look at a spread of bizarre members of the British underworld. The whole thing centers around rigging a boxing match, but the standout is Brad Pitt as Mickey, a Romani fighter who mumbles his way to greatness.

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