A Supernatural tribute

Sam and Dean Winchester are retiring after 15 seasons. Here are our fave moments from Supernatural.
Supernatural, the epic show about two brothers who hunt monsters, is coming to an end. We know, it hurts. We’re gonna miss Sam and Dean Winchester, but hey, 15 seasons is a hell of a run! Over the years we’ve seen Sam and Dean battle demons, angels, werewolves, vampires, leviathans… even the devil himself. So as a tribute to our fave family of hunters, here are our five favourite moments from Supernatural.

5. Dean is Batman

What happens when Dean snags a lucky rabbits foot that is actually lucky? No, seriously. This is an actual magical artefact that gives whoever has it supernatural luck, which Dean uses to basically become Batman.

4. Eye of the Tiger

Working on set for long, long hours can drive people a little insane, but in the case of Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), it led to this now famous piece of footage of him lip-synching to Eye of the Tiger. The boy has skills.

3. Pudding!

Sometimes the boys had to go undercover to infiltrate places where monsters were at work. In this episode, Sam and Dean had to get into a mental hospital, and when caught by an orderly, Dean panicked… and improvised. But hey, it worked, so who are we to judge?

2. I’ve got genital herpes

Sam and Dean are tormented by a creature obsessed with television, and he traps them in show after show after show. They realise that they’ll need to play along in order to escape, which seems fine until Sam is playing the lead in a questionable ad.

1. Just a cat

In this classic Supernatural episode, Dean is cursed by a baddie. The curse, it seems, makes the victim more and more scared until they literally get scared to death, which explains why the normally brave Dean falls to pieces like he does here.

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