Our favourite Lady Killers!

There are lady killers… and then there are the most terrifying, lethal women in cinema history. Lady killers.
Lady killers. Killer Queens. Whatever you want to call them, cinema is full of strong, sassy, goal-oriented women who can, and will, kill anyone who stands in their way. Here are our five fave lady killers.

The Blair Witch

The ‘ol Blair Witch, of The Blair Witch Project fame, is notable because she has so much star power that she never even appeared on-screen in the iconic indie horror film! Sure, we saw the effects of her doings, and she even racked up a bit of a body count, but she was more the strong-and-silent type. Here, Blair and everywhere.

The creepy girl from Ringu (The Ring), Sadako crawled out of a spooky haunted well and into our hearts. Sadako’s most recognizable look? Long, lustrous hair, wet with bog-water, and a form-fitting white nighty. Plus, we like the name Sadako. It has a certain… ring? To it?

The Weeping Woman

The Weeping Woman, from the upcoming The Curse of the Weeping Woman, is a figure from folklore. Allegedly, she became jealous of her cheating husband, so murdered the kids she had with him. Way to overreact, weeping woman! The Weeping Woman’s signature killer look is a gorgeous couture wedding gown complete with veil. Runway? More like run AWAY!


Ursula is the villain from The Little Mermaid. She’d look fabulous in a nice tailored high-waisted pant, if she had legs, which she doesn’t, which I guess puts an end to THIS fashion diatribe! Ursula is goal-driven, and is quite the witch. Which witch? THIS witch!

Alien Queen

Talk about a killer queen! The Xenomorph queen from Aliens isn’t just an armor plated killing machine with acid for blood, she’s also a strong, single mother who don’t take no lip from NO body! Although, if she’s in the mood, she WILL take hearts. Literally. She’ll pluck them right out of your body. 

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