What the hell is blue comedy?

Here’s what makes a comedy into a blue comedy:

The bigger, badder brother of farts, poops are a mainstay of the blue comedy genre. By this point you’re probably thinking, why hasn’t Bridesmaids made an appearance in this list? Your timing is eerie and your query appropriate. Enjoy.


Sex. It’s the grimy, sweaty, pumping heart of what made blue comedy blue. But because we’re not complete monsters, here’s a sexy scene from a film that isn’t technically NSFW (even though it absolutely is). 


Sometimes making things blue means making them a little red first. In this clip from the animated and vulgar masterpiece Sausage Party, a bunch of charming little foodstuffs get their first taste of getting tasted. 


The final vital ingredient in any blue comedy is swearing! The master of swears, Will Ferrell, is about to take you to class. 

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