The best quirky movie BFFs

Everyone needs a BFF! We’re raising a glass to the best.
Everyone needs a BFF! But let’s be perfectly honest, all the best BFFs from our fave films are a little bonkers. And because these loveable weirdos who are always there for us don’t get their due, we’re raising a glass to the best.

1. Annie Walker – Bridesmaids

One of the main criteria for finding a reliable BFF is someone who’ll be there for you time after time, even as their carefully laid plans completely fall apart. Annie might be falling apart, but she’s always, always there for you.

2. Goh Peik Lin – Crazy Rich Asians

She’s the BFF who tells it like it is, Goh Peik Lin is Rachel’s lifeline for navigating Singapore’s jealous socialites and her long-time boyfriend’s crazy rich family.

3. Juliette Paxton – Bend it Like Beckham

Juliette might seem a little unusual, but she’s got everything you’re looking for in a BFF. She’s loyal, protective and she’ll stand up for you, no matter how much he people around you try and get you down. Oh, and she’s a hell of a soccer player, too.

4. Hermione Granger – Harry Potter

The single best, best friend in movies (or books) of all time, Hermione might be the actual hero of the Harry Potter series. She’s smart, gorgeous, witty, resourceful, and the brightest wizard of her age.

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