Top five films we want made into musicals

So, we got to thinking… which films would work if given the musical treatment? What would a little singing bring to our favourite flicks?
The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games would make a terrific rock opera. Imagine Katniss raising three fingers in salute… but this time she’s clutching a guitar pick. She locks eyes with Donald Sutherland and brings her arm down in a sweeping arc, playing a spectacular power chord on the guitar she just snatched from the hands of her downed opponent.

Black Panther

Black Panther was basically perfect, as was Kendrick Lamar’s killer soundtrack. Why not combine the two? Why not slot each song into the film and have it performed as part of the story, turning Black Panther into Black Panther: The Musical? What’s that? Because it’d be insanely expensive and impractical? Pfft. Buzzkill.

The Big Lebowski

Not only does The Big Lebowski already have a musical number, in which our hero hallucaintes a full-on dance number inside a cosmic bowling alley, but Jeff Bridges is a heck of a singer. In Crazy Heart, he played a washed-up country singer, and he absolutely nailed every performance. Imagine seeing Jeffrey Lebowski bowl a strike… then sing about it.

Harry Potter

There’s so many things to sing about in Harry Potter! Romance, rivalries, the house cup… the Triwizard tournament would be all musical rounds! Pro: Any character that dies in the originals can simply die onstage after a mediocre performance. Con: Harry’s mum screaming “Haaaarrrryyyyyy” would signal the start of a really boring opera number. 

The King’s Speech

Look, we were all impressed when Colin Firth’s stammering Bertie fought back his nerves and managed to deliver an eloquent speech to the people of the United Kingdom. But imagine if he grabbed the mike and started singing his heart out? Call it The King’s Solo and make it happen already!

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