Best Aussie Kids TV Shows By Decade - 80s, 90s & 00s

It was the best time of our young lives thanks to TV shows that never left us.

Don’t you miss being a kid? That awesome time of life when your biggest fear was a monster in your bedroom or Brussel sprouts on your dinner plate? You never worried about money and had loads of time to sleep, relax and goof off watching your favourite home-grown TV shows. Have you ever...ever felt like this? Time to feel all warm and fuzzy again, as we revisit our top 3 Aussie kids shows of the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s.

Round the Twist

Spooky and super fun, Round the Twist never failed in the entertainment stakes. It was original, often whacko and like Bronson, we pi$$ed ourselves at the crazy adventures!

The Early Bird Show 1985-89

Getting up at 7am was no problem when Daryl, Marie and Marty the Monster were on TV. They hosted big names in music and television including Kylie Minogue but their most famous guest packed a real Aussie punch...

Play School 1966 - present

When we were a little younger and not quite ready for all that craziness, we tuned into watch the ever warm and smiling Noni and John. With a window to choose and Big Ted and Jemima keeping us company, school was all play and lots of educational fun.

Bananas in Pyjamas

Are you thinking what I’m thinking B1? I think I am B2 – just why was a show about two oversized bananas with only one set of facial expressions such a hit?  We think the simple adventures had by the Bananas and their Teddy friends had universal a-peel (soz, couldn’t help it).

Cheez TV 1994-2005

If you wanted to be 100% cooler in the 90’s you tuned into Cheez TV weekdays before school. You got to hang out with hosts Ryan and Jade who were totally whacky, so very non-PC and willing to push the boundaries with characters like Dick Wadd.

A*mazing 1994 – 1998

Why was our school never picked for this awesome show?  I blame our principal. This was the best kids’ game show ever, complete with a massive floor-mounted QWERTY keyboard and a fantastic maze! Loved loved loved the car - there was always a key in there!

Blue Water High


How cool was it hanging ten with the students at Blue Water High? They ditched their studies to go surfing in the hope of one day hitting the pro-circuit. There were hot guys and girls experiencing teen love, teen angst and everything in between including big waves and massive sharks.  Perfect Aussie fare – with bite. 

The Sleepover Club 2002-2008

Sleepovers were part of growing up and so was this wholesome show which was all about being the best kind of friend. As the opening theme song said, hanging around is just no fun when you’re alone...


Cybergirl was a sci-fi phenomenon and we watched her every move with wonder and envy. The blue-haired alien-robot had super-human speed, super-human strength and the power to solve any problems. How handy would that have been in maths exams?! 

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