Could you survive an adventure movie?

Could you survive an adventure movie?

So you reckon you could survive and thrive in a world full of dinosaurs, monsters, baddies or natural disasters? Take our quiz to see how far you’d make it.

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Game of thrones

The anti-hero inside us all

Are heroes a little squeaky clean for your liking? Is all that selfless “world-saving” a tad too sweet for you? If you prefer your heroes more bad ass than goody two-shoes, then perhaps you’re really an antihero at heart! Take our quiz and find out for sure...
Gaston thumbnail

Which Disney villain are you?

Forget Disney Princesses. No Disney film would ever succeed without the villains! They are the catalysts, the movers and shakers, the real stars.
Legends of tomorrow

Could you survive in the dc universe?

So you think you belong in the DC Universe? Take our quiz and find out whether you could survive in a world where superheroes are on call 24-7, bad asses never rest, and costume changes can be highly problematic...

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