13 Aussie TV Shows You Might’ve Missed & Where To Find Them

If you’re looking for something new to watch, why not turn to your own backyard with these lesser known Aussie gems.

1. Fat Pizza (2000 – 2007)

Rebel Wilson in Fat Pizza 

Set in a Sydney-based pizzeria, this comedy explored (and lovingly mocked) virtually all subcultures in Australia. It’s also the show that put Rebel Wilson on the map, so we are eternally grateful.

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2. Cleverman (2016 -)


Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Indigenous supernatural thriller combines stories of The Dreaming with tradition superhero storylines – think X-Men. It’s creative, edgy and unmatched in it’s originality.

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3. Danger 5

Danger 5

Source: SBS

This surreal, campy comedy follows the misadventures of the ‘Danger 5’. The rag-tag group of spies bring their own distinct Australian flavor to every mission, with one-liners like ‘suck a stiffy, Hitler’. Classic.

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4. Black Comedy (2014 - )

Black Comedy

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

A group of Indigenous Australian writers and comedians come together to create a provocative, fast-paced sketch show which tackles issues of race and identity head on.

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5. The Family Law (2016 – present)

The Family Law

Source: SBS

Loosely adapted from a book of the same name, The Family Law is just as humorous as It is, heartfelt. Centered around a Chinese-Australian family, nothing is sacred, with the show poking fun at stereotypes and exploring issues of immigration and displacement.

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6. The Glass House (2001-2006)

 The Glass House

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

The Glass House remains one of the most underrated comedy talk shows on Australian television. Wil Anderson, Corinne Grant and Dave Hughes were basically the Holy Trinity of hosts, bouncing off each other and ad-libbing like pros. For the five years it aired, they were the best part of Wednesday nights.

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7. The Katering Show

The Katering Show

Source: Katering Productions

Hosted by the two Kates (Kate McCartney and Kate McLennan), this parody of food trends and cooking shows is like if Masterchef met an existential crisis.
Taking on everything from the Thermomix to quitting sugar, you’ll find the potty-mouthed duo easy to digest.

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8. Race Around The World (1997)

John Safran in Race Around the World

Source: Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)

Before social media and iPhones, eight young Australians were given cameras and sent around the world to make a series of short documentaries. All the racers of season one made excellent content, but it was John Safran, the upstart comedian from Melbourne, who took it to the next level when he placed a voodoo curse on an ex-girlfriend. Now that’s television.

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9. The Marngrook Footy Show (2007 - )

The Marngrook Footy Show  

Source: National Indigenous Television (NITV)

As the name suggests, Marngrook is one of the best out there covering everything footy. It celebrates the sport’s indigenous history with a panel that represents those who watch and play the game, all while hosting a range of guests; players past and present. Always relevant and on the pulse, this is great entertainment for the whole family.

Watch it on NITV

10. Round The Twist (1989 – 2001)

Round the Twist 

Source: 7 Network

Every Aussie kid who grew up in the nineties remembers Round The Twist. It was topical, disturbing, hilarious and very very very very weird. That doll with no face still haunts us.

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11. Plonk (2014 - 2015)


Source: Network Ten Australia

With only two seasons under it’s belt, Plonk left us way too soon. This biting behind the scenes mockumentary of wine-makers and enthusiasts was hilarious and on point. Hosted by Chris Taylor (of The Chaser fame), Plonk was more than a piss-take. The wine-illiterate may actually find themselves ditching the Fruity Lexia for something more sophisticated by the end the first episode.

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12. Love Child (2014 – 2017)

Love Child

Source: Nine Network Australia

Set in 1969, the staff and residents of a fictional Kings Cross hospital take center stage in this character-driven drama. The subject matter is heart-breaking, but strong performances and compelling storylines will keep you hooked.

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13. The Kettering Incident (2016 - )

The Kettering Incident

Source: Showcase Australia

Two girls see strange lights in the sky, not long after, one disappears. Fifteen years later, Dr Anna Macy, returns to Kettering, Tasmania to discover what happened to her friend. What ensues is dark and gripping, mixing elements of The X-Files with atmospheric dramas like Top of the Lake. This is one of the best produced Australian dramas in a long time

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