TV Shows to watch that don't have squeaky clean protagonists

Even when they get their hands dirty (or bloody), you can’t help but root for them. You want them to get away with it… mainly just to see what they do next!
9. Patsy Stone | Absolutely Fabulous

Unrivalled in her sartorial choices and always down for a good time, Patsy was more sassy than wicked. That being said, she’d totally put a cigarette out on you if you crossed her!

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8. Kenny Powers | Eastbound & Down

Kenny Powers is a washed-up major league ballplayer who’s also a major league A-hole. He’s the overgrown frat boy we love to hate, with one of the most majestic mullets of all time.

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7. Rebecca Bunch | Crazy Ex Girlfriend

Watching Rebecca Bunch is like watching someone have a public meltdown on Facebook: you want to look away but can’t stop scrolling. Bunch is a walking, talking, stalking love addict, and yet, you want to her to get her happy ending.

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6. Nancy Botwin | Weeds

This former soccer mum isn’t scared of a few drug cartels, which makes her pretty cool in our books – even if her morals fall to the wayside sometimes.

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5. Annalise Keating | How To Get Away With Murder

In terms of teaching her students ‘how to get away with murder’ she’s more into prac than theory. Whether she’s heartless or not is up for debate, but watching her scheme and then cover-up those schemes, makes for riveting television.

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4. Don Draper | Mad Men

Mad Men delivered seven seasons of compelling character study, with Don Draper at the helm. A drunk, philandering jerk with a tragic past, he could be as charming as he was sadistic, but he remains one of the most intriguing characters to (dis)grace our screens.

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3. Dexter Morgan | Dexter

Hear us out: he is serial killer, but he has a code and only kills bad guys so it’s alllllllll good. No matter how bloody things get, or how many bodies pile up in the Gulf of Mexico, we never wanted Dexter to get caught. 

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2. Rachel Goldberg | UnREAL

Some producers will do anything for a good sound bite, but Rachel Goldberg takes it to the next level. Lying and manipulating, she acts like a twisted social scientist to get the best ratings for her reality show, Everlasting (a take on The Bachelor). Girl, we all love reality TV, but not like this… not like this.

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1. Hannibal Lecter | Hannibal

Okay Hannibal is closer to villain territory than anti-hero, but he’s just so charming and his table manners are impeccable. If he does invite you over for dinner, act with caution, but know if you do get eaten, you’ll be made into a cuisine worthy of a Michelin 3-star… not too shabby!

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