5 times your Mum was the life of the party, and not in a good way

Mums: they feed us, nurture us and embarrass the hell out of us.
There’s nothing worse than when Mum:

1. Asks who the guy in your profile pic is


2. Gets addicted to Pinterest

We get it Mum, you’re redecorating, but we’re too old for a Dora the Explorer duvet – pls stop tagging us.

3. Tries to give you “The Talk”

Internal screaming. Even worse if she tries to talk about her own bedroom antics *shudders*

4. Wears her clothes from the 80’s

Bow-embellished puff sleeves weren’t okay in the 80’s, and they’re not okay now.

5. Uses text slang

You know you’re in trouble when she uses the eggplant emoji to say she’s making parmigiana.

Between outdated clothes and social media mishaps, mums never cease to embarrass us, but we love ‘em anyway!

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