Why Ed Helms is at the centre of Hollywood

You’ve heard of six degrees of Kevin Bacon. But did you ever realise that Ed Helms is the guy who is more connected than conjoined twins? Check out his crazy links with your favourite comedy superstars.
We’ve done the math and it’s getting rather Illuminati-esque. Can you keep track? 

It starts with everyone’s favourite loveable Wow-er, Owen Wilson. 
Owen and Ed both star together in the hilarious comedy Father Figures.
Before that, Owen also starred in Hall Pass with Jenna Fischer, who starred in The Office with none other than:


NEXT: One of Jenna and Ed’s co-stars in Hall Pass was Christina Applegate, who starred in Vacation with our very own:


Keep up: Christina Applegate’s co-star in Hall Pass was Jason Sudeikis, who is also known for starring in We’re The Millers with...who could it be…


Now. Jason also starred in Masterminds, the comedy co-starring Zach Galifiankis, who rose to fame in The Hangover series alongside...well…


Then, it all comes full circle, when we realise that as mentioned, Zach went on to star in Masterminds with Owen Wilson...bringing us back to his collaboration in Father Figures with

The One
The Only



I need a lie down. 

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