When badass women owned their male counterparts

There are SO many amazing male actors out there, but even the best get owned by their female co-stars – and it can be pretty fun to watch.
1. Jessica Chastain | MISS SLOANE

Miss. Sloane proves that you don’t need special powers or weapons to be a formidable opponent. Jessica Chastain plays the titular role and she is UNSTOPPABLE. Using her smarts, confidence and experience, she takes on the cut-throat world of lobbyists, and she takes no prisoners. Playing against John Lithgow, Chastain creates a compelling character in Miss Sloane in one of the most exciting political thrillers of the year.

2. Chloë Grace Moretz | KICK ASS

Kick Ass was an ultra violent and fun rush starring the likes of Aaron Taylor Johnson, Mark Strong, Evan Peters and Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Yet, at only 11 years old, Chloë Grace Moretz stood out amongst all of them- even her on-screen father played by Nicolas Cage, who’s a pretty tough actor to overshadow! Moretz played Hit Girl, and with a cute face, pigtails and unquenchable thirst for blood it’s no surprise she stole the show.

3. Robin Wright | HOUSE OF CARDS

When House of Cards initially aired, much of the attention went to the ruthless Frank Underwood (played by He Who Must Not Be Named). But as the series progressed, it was Robin Wright, playing the steely Claire Underwood who became the fan favourite. Now as the final season approaches, it’s been announced she will be the star of the final season – and for us fans, we couldn’t be more excited.


The smash hit Guardians of the Galaxy saw Starlord (Chris Pratt) team up with a group of unlikely allies to form a misfit crew of space bandits. Space brawls and alien battles ensued, but amongst all the excitement, it was Zoe Saldana’s portrayal of Gamora that we couldn’t get enough of. That’s a real accomplishment when you’re up against funnyman Chris Pratt, a talking raccoon, a Hulk-like thing and a sentient tree. Saldana’s turn as a galactic warrior princess was so kick-ass, her character will appear in Avengers: Infinity War.

5. Helena Bonham Carter | FIGHT CLUB

Behind dark glasses and endlessly billowing cigarette smoke, Helena Bonham Carter brought bad girl Marla Singer to life. Carter elevated a role that could have easily been boiled down to an onscreen ‘love interest’ by a lesser actor. Yes, everyone praises Brad Pitt and Edward Norton for their work in Fight Club, and they are great, but Helena Bonham Carter didn’t get all the gritty fight scenes they did. With far less to work with, HBC was unforgettable as the nihilistic party girl and delivered some of the best lines of the movie.

6.Maggie Gyllenhaal | THE DEUCE

HBO’s new sex drama The Deuce tells the story of the seedy past of Times Square. It’s an entertaining and frank look at the roots of the sex trade and taken to the next level by some seriously impressive performances. The MVP here is Maggie Gyllenhaal as Candy, a prostitute who becomes a porn director over the course of the series. Gyllenhaal lends the show it’s feminist edge and acts circles around not one, but two James Francos (playing identical twin brothers).

7. Basically Every Female Character | GAME OF THRONES

Remember when GOT had five kings all fighting against each other? Not these days. One by one, they’ve all met untimely deaths and it’s the ladies turn to bring war and peace to Westeros. It’s been a treat for fans to see these women rise up from repressed and down-trodden positions to full blown forces of nature. As the final battle looms closer, it’s down to two tough matriarchs: Cersei and Daenerys. Once trophy wives, they’re now ruling kingdoms. As for the men still alive? They’ll bend the knee if they know what’s good for them!

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