Why we can't get enough of heist movies

We’ve got a secret crush. Damn it, it’s more than that: it’s...it’s... it’s love. How much do we love you, Heist movies?
Let us count the ways:

1. You know how to show an audience a good time.

Logan Lucky

Sometimes it’s inside a CIA vault on an intense, hold-your-breath heist - think Tom Cruise suspended from the roof in Mission Impossible. Or we’re breaking into an impenetrable fortress like the Federal Reserve (Den of Thieves). Next, we’re under a Nascar track on a rollicking red-neck robbery (Logan Lucky) or in the Kuwait desert chasing Saddam Hussein’s hidden gold (Three Kings). There’s rarely a dull moment in your company...

2. Without any risk of danger, we get to hang out with criminals.

Bonnie and Clyde
Source: Warner Bros.

Some are slick operators (Oceans 11), loveable losers (Logan Lucky), bad-ass mothers (Sexy Beast), rad dudes (Point Break) incompetent fools (Bottle Rocket), hilarious amateurs (A Fish Called Wanda) and hardcore heisters (Den of Thieves). We wouldn’t want them as friends, but it’s totally cool riding with them for a couple of hours..

3. You turn us from law-abiding citizens into willing accomplices.

The Usual Suspects
Source: MGM Studios

Accomplices who cheer the Heist all the way to the loot, might we add! We love our foray into the criminal world. We get to stick it to the man, the authorities, even the mob. It’s fun – and with no consequences. Who says crime doesn’t pay?!

4. We love being in on the plan.

Den of thieves

You include us in the arrangements and every step of the heist’s execution. Well, almost. Sometimes you deliberately hold out on some crucial details, and then we’re blown away by a surprising twist (The Usual Suspects, Den of Thieves). Your unpredictability just makes us love you more.

5. We would never see action like this in real life.


We’d be in jail, therapy or dead otherwise. In Heist movies, we get to jump out of planes with no parachute (Point Break), tow a bank safe through the streets of Rio De Janeiro (Fast Five), witness the most epic shootout ever (Heat) and kill dozens of bad guys single handedly and still make it home for Christmas (Die Hard).

6. You really know how to pull a team together.

Oceans 11

Some with star power (George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon - Ocean's 11), eye candy (Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron, Jason Statham - The Italian Job) cracking chemistry (Channing Tatum, Adam Driver and Daniel Craig - Logan Lucky); and those with all of the above (Ben Affleck, Blake Lively, Jon Hamm - The Town).

7. You have a heist for every occasion.

Den of thieves

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels for delirious fun, The Usual Suspects for brain-teasing intrigue, Logan Lucky for wall-to wall laughs, Den of Thieves for unrelenting pursuits, Dog Day Afternoon for incredible true-story drama, and Die Hard with A Vengeance for untold action thrills.

8. We’re not the only ones who love you.

Steven and Channing in Logan Lucky
Source: Getty Images

Some of Hollywood’s greatest directors have made their names working with you, including Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs), Steven Soderbergh (Ocean's 11, Logan Lucky) and Christopher Nolan (Inception). They knew you were amazing as soon as they saw your script.

Above: Director Steven Soderbergh came out of retirement to film Logan Lucky with Channing Tatum.

So please don’t change, Heist movies. Stay fun, unpredictable, thrilling, clever, crazy and cool. That’s what makes you so special and why we’ll never stop loving you.

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