Top 10 romantic movies coming out In 2018

Devastated that Valentine's Day only happens once a year? Never fear, romance is here! Okay, that is enough rhyming for now. Here's what's in store for 2018!
The Big Sick - out on DVD and digital

Okay, so technically this one is already out, but if you didn’t already see it, why not? The ‘anti rom-com’, as it has been dubbed, was one of the most critically acclaimed movies of 2017 - and shock horror, it’s romantic AND funny! Based on the real-life story of Pakistani comedian Kumail and grad student Emily, this is a story of love, culture, health and family - with a lot of laughs in between. Get your hands on a copy of The Big Sick


What if every day you woke up in the body of someone different? Would you be able to form relationships? That’s the premise of this new romance starring Australia’s own Angoulie Rice and based on the book by David Levithan. In Cinemas April 5.

A Star Is Born

What we know: Bradley Cooper directing. Lady Gaga starring. It’s a remake of a Barbara Streisand classic, and we can’t wait for these fine entertainers to showcase their brilliant talents on the silver screen. In Cinemas October 4.

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The Boy Downstairs

Featuring Girls’ Zosia Moment in her debut as a lead, this quirky romance focuses on a woman who moves to Brooklyn for a fresh start - until she finds out her ex-boyfriend lives in the floor below.


Love, Simon

A story about coming out and growing up, this is sure to tug the heartstrings of even the toughest critic.


Crazy, Rich Asians

Based on the book by Kevin Kwan, this nouveau rich romance focuses on Rachel, who attends a wedding with her boyfriend in Singapore - only to learn he is an extremely wealthy, and extremely in demand bachelor. Will she be able to handle the jealousy of others and disapproval from his family? Find out on August 16.


Half Magic

Written and directed by Heather Graham, this romance focuses on three women who call on the powers of the sisterhood to battle sexism, bad relationships and low self-esteem. They soon find the secret to ultimate fulfillment by embracing who they are.


The Female Brain
Neuroscientist Julia undertakes research into the biochemistry of the female brain through her work with three couples: newlyweds having trouble balancing work and love, long-termers who want to spice it up; and a girl who keeps wanting to change her boyfriend. Meanwhile, the straight-laced Julia's own impulses come into question when a handsome man joins her study…




In a remake of the Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn classic, this time the tables are turned, as Anna Faris stars as Kate, a worker is who treated badly by rich playboy Leonardo. When he falls off his yacht and ends up with amnesia, Kate decides to get revenge by telling him his life is a little different to what he remembered - she is his wife, her 3 daughters are his, and it is time for him to get to work to make ends meet!


Isn't It Romantic?

Okay, so technically this isn’t 2018, but we thought we would give you a sneak peak at next Valentine’s Day! Priyanka Chopra stars as a woman who is disenchanted with love - until she mysteriously finds herself trapped inside a romantic comedy! With Australia’s own Liam Hemsworth and Rebel Wilson set to co-star, we’re aching for 2019 already!


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The Big Sick

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