Movies to watch while boycotting Valentine's Day

Do you hate Valentine’s Day? Avoid the hype with these 5 films that have ZERO romance. So get comfy and by the time you’re done, V-Day will be long over.
1. Annabelle: Creation


Romance movies - who needs them? Always so predictable with their ‘boy meets girl’ formula. Here’s a premise for you: boy meets girl meets creepy demonic doll. Who says you need The Notebook to get your heart beating? Annabelle’s one of our fave villains, cause she’s far too busy possessing everyone to worry about dating. James Wan proves himself as a master of horror once more with the latest instalment from the Conjuring universe. Best part is, after you watch it you’ll never feel alone again… because you’re not alone…



Ain’t no time to write silly little love poems when you’re trying to flee the shores of Dunkirk – this is war, man! Christopher Nolan brings the incredible true story to life in the most epic way imaginable. Told across land, air and sea, not a moment goes by without a nail-biting scene. Plus, you don’t need to worry about your S.O getting all giddy over Harry Styles – he’s actually pretty bad-ass in this. You’ll be so caught up in the action and incredible score (shout out to H. Zims!) that you’ll forget all about whatstheirname who never called you back. 

3. The Foreigner

The Foreigner

One of the worst parts of Valentine’s Day is seeing all those stupid red love hearts everywhere! If all you want to see is the red blood of your enemies – then The Foreigner is YOUR movie. The legend himself, Jackie Chan, stars as a vengeful father in search of the men responsible for his daughter’s death and a dangerous game of cat and mouse ensues. The Foreigner will run twists and turns around your twisted heart.

4. The Wall

The Wall

Just a couple buds hanging out and fighting terrorists. No ‘will they or won’t they’ crap, just straight up John Cena and Aaron Taylor Johnson being total All-American bad-asses. The two soldiers find themselves under attack from an unknown enemy and have to use every skill they’ve got to survive. The only love here is between a man and his gun. As the title suggests, a wall plays an important part in the story… maybe not unlike the walls you put up in your own life? Snap!

5. Justice League

Justice League

At its core, Justice League is all about FRIENDSHIP and TEAMWORK. That’s right, FRIENDSHIP, a superhero movie on a strictly platonic basis. Despite what all the (volumes and volumes of) fan fiction might lead you to believe, the Justice League don’t got time for canoodling and hand-holding – they’ve got a world to save! Who needs to go on a date when you can stay in and watch DC’s finest save the day… without any dumb romantic subplots getting in the way!

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