Female-led TV shows to binge on

We truly are in a golden age of television, plenty of which have great women at the centre. So if you love female empowered TV shows, then check these out.
1. The Good Fight

It would be criminal to start our recommendations without Christine Baranski. The critically acclaimed spin-off of The Good Wife sees her return as Diane Lockhart, the tough lawyer who loses everything just as she’s about to retire-ouch! But never fear, cause Diane is FIERCE and will stop at nothing to conquer the world she was cut out of.

2. Little Women

For generations, Little Women has been a treasured story of four sisters on their passage to womanhood. It’s been eighteen years since the March family have been on our screens, and we are WAY overdue for another visit. If you’re not familiar with Little Women, now’s your chance to get acquainted. The story may have originated in the 19th century, but it’s lessons are as relevant as ever.

3. Search Party

When an old college acquaintance mysteriously disappears, Dory (played by the crazy talented Alia Shawkat), is compelled to uncover what happened to her. Season one is full of twists and turns, but what makes Search Party so exciting is its clever inversion of the thriller genre, with the biggest surprise saved for last.

4.The Crown

The latest hit series from the BBC chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II, starting with her initial inauguration decades before anyone expected. Her Majesty has long been a subject of intrigue, and The Crown brings her shrouded legacy into the spotlight as well as the fascinating characters around her. Sometimes the truth is just far more interesting than any fiction, and you will be captivated witnessing the trials and tribulations of the monarchy.

5. The Sinner

It’s always fun when an actor known for more playful and ‘light’ roles goes to the dark side and that’s exactly the case with Jessica Biel’s character in The Sinner. The trouble begins when a seemingly normal woman (Biel) brutally murders a random guy at the beach. From there, an investigation begins, and The Sinner sets itself apart from other crime shows by rebelling against the standard templates of the genre. It’s not about who did it, it’s about why.


From the creators of Orange Is The New Black comes a comedy-drama hybrid with all the spandex and hairspray you could ever want for in a series. GLOW (standing for Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) uses a diverse cast to tell the true(ish) story behind the popular 80s wrestling franchise. It’s loud, proud and set to a rockin’ soundtrack – seriously, you’ll be trying out wrestling moves in your living room!

7. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is like Fatal Attraction: The Musical. In a desperate pursuit to win back her ex-boyfriend, Rachel Bloom stars by uh…crossing some lines, starting with moving across the country to be closer to him (while pretending it’s all just a fun coincidence). But the show is very self aware - even if the main character isn’t – and its insightful commentary on relationships, paired with lively musical numbers, make for a totally binge-worthy combination.


Most of you are probably familiar with VEEP by now, but if not, you need to get on it! Set around the career of Vice President Selina Myers, VEEP is an unflinching political satire. The best part is, in this world, the Vice President is played by the razor sharp Julia Louis Dreyfus. Watching her sink her teeth into some of the more hysterically savage one-liners is the highlight of every season – and luckily for you, there are six of them – so get binging! #Julia2020

9. Star Trek: Discovery

Step aside, William Shatner, you were great- but it’s time for someone else to own the Star Trek franchise and Sonequa Martin-Green is at home on the Starfleet. The next chapter of the beloved sci-fi could also be the greatest. It sets itself apart from other Star Trek incarnations while still maintaining the action, comradery and nostalgia of past series.

10. Scandal

Like VEEP, this is another show that requires a bit of commitment to catch up on, but every second is worth it. Olivia Pope (played by Kerry Washington) is a former White House communications director who opens up her own crisis management firm. As the title suggests, things get a little scandalous on more than one occasion and watching Pope put out fires is enough to keep you hooked for all seven seasons.

11.The Handmaid's Tale

2017 was a year of great television, with The Handmaid’s Tale at the very top of the list. This adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s dystopian novel is downright chilling with a captivating central performance by Elisabeth Moss. At times it’s challenging to watch, but once you start on this series, you won’t be able to look away.

12. Orphan Black

Tatiana Maslany deserves an Olympic Medal for her acting feat starring as all the main characters in this star-turning vehicle. Sarah (Maslany) is an outsider and orphan whose life changes dramatically after witnessing the suicide of a woman who looks just like her. Sarah assumes her identity, her boyfriend and her bank account but quickly finds herself caught in the middle of a deadly conspiracy. Utterly bingeable.

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