7 TV shows that push the envelope

Feel like watching something that’ll push you to your limits?
There’s nothing wrong with fun, relaxing TV shows, but some of us like a bit of a challenge. Shows that test us. Shows that push the envelope. Here are seven that will see just how up for a challenging TV experience you are.

The Sinner 

The first season of The Sinner starred Jessica Biel in the absolute darkest role of her entire career. The show follows a detective (Bill Pullman) trying to figure out why Jessica Biel went beserk and stabbed a guy in public, and what he finds out is some of the most upsetting and taboo stuff you’ll see on TV. Now on Netflix.


One of the most insane shows of all time, Westworld is HBO’s trippy, violent sci-fi western. Everything from romance, to brutality, to the nature of what it means to be human is tackled by this edgy hybrid drama. You’re gonna love it. Check it out on Foxtel Now.


This award-winning Aussie prison drama is globally renowned for pushing the envelope in more ways than one – imagine Orange Is the New Black, but way, way more intense, and set in Victoria! The show lives on Foxtel, but you can also catch up on DVD, too.

The Haunting of Hell House 

There’s jump scares, then there are the scares that get right to the core of you. Hit you on an emotional level. Somehow, The Haunting of Hell House has both! Based on the novel, the show follows of bunch of people who grew up in a famous (and haunted) house as they try to grapple with the ghosts of their past – literally. On Netflix now.

Escape at Dannemora 

Directed by Ben Stiller and starring Paul Dano, Patricia Arquette and Benicio Del Toro, this prison break TV event based on a totally true story has everything. It’s also super stressful, exciting and covers prison breaks in a way that couldn’t be farther from the relatively fun Hollywood style of The Shawshank Redemption. Now on Stan.

Sharp Objects 

Starring Amy Adams, Sharp Objects is based on the book by the author of Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn. The story follows a young journalist who heads back to her hometown and ends up investigating a murder. The show deals with self harm, abuse, and all kinds of terrible stuff, but it’s must-watch viewing. It’s on Foxtel Now and DVD.

Killing Eve 

Your typical show about killers would never go where Killing Eve does. A brilliant MI5 agent (Sandra Oh) begins tracking a notorious assassin Jodie Comer), and what happens? They become obsessed with each other, that’s what. Critically acclaimed, smart and violent, Killing Eve is brilliant on every level. You can check it out now on ABC iView.


Everyone is talking about Bodyguard, and with good reason: starring Game of Thrones’ Richard Madden as a bodyguard (hence the name) taking care of a controversial politician (Keely Hawes). This show has sex, violence, intrigue and conspiracies, but it also has the most intense opening twenty minutes of basically any show ever. Now on Netflix.

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