6 must-see docos

We all love a story, but nothing beats a true story.
There are few things cooler than seeing an unbelievable true story unfold before your eyes. That’s why we’re breaking down six unmissable documentaries streaming right now.

Amy is a heartbreaking in-depth look at the life of Amy Winehouse. With unprecedented footage from behind the scenes of tours, intimate interviews and insights from those closest to the troubled singer, Amy is a tragic, heartbreaking look at the downward spiral of the one of the greatest singers of our generation. See it now on Netflix.

Searching For Sugar Man

Back in 2012, this documentary about musician Rodriguez and his strange tale of fame took the world by storm. Uplifting, inspiring and filled with incredible music, Searching For Sugar Man is essential viewing. Check it out now on Stan.


If the idea of competitive endurance tickling doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, don’t worry. We were just as confused as you. But this doco about journo David Farrier’s deep dive into the world of tickling as a competitive sport gets weird – and great – very fast. It’s on Netflix right now.

Louis Theroux: My Scientology Movie

Legendary documentary maker Louis Theroux tries to figure out Scientology with some pretty mental results. After being refused entry into the church, Louis gathers up people who’ve left the church and sets about trying to reconstruct their bizarre rituals, which leads to confrontations with the church itself. Watch it on Stan.


Icarus is an absolutely insane doco in which a cyclist decides to see if Russia has a state-sponsored doping conspiracy… by participating in said conspiracy. He basically breaks the whole corrupt system open, is forced to flee for his life, and… well, we won’t spoil it for you, but Icarus is once-in-a-lifetime viewing, now on Netflix.

Just Another Immigrant

Beloved UK comedian Romesh Ranganathan is the focus of a doco series in which he and his family move to the States and become a very unique group of modern immigrants. Funny, deadpan and engaging viewing, streaming right now on Stan.

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