5 Reasons to get on board the Westworld train

If you dig westerns or sci-fi – or just awesome TV – here’s a bunch of reasons to get into Westworld.
The Westworld hype is real, folks. And if you haven’t saddled up yet and dived into one of the most critically acclaimed, and most cutting edge shows ever, here’s a bunch of reasons to do just that.

1. Badass ladies

Badass ladies, and a lot of them. Westworld is chock-full of strong female leads – you won’t find Westerns with this many awesome women running around kicking as much butt as in Westworld.

2. Robots

Creepy robots! The crazy thing about Westworld? It’s a wild west themed theme park, full of robots, which means sometimes you’ll see what lies just beneath the surface of these high-tech inhabitants.

3. Cowboys

Come on, who doesn’t like a good cowboy? There’s cattle rustling, gun slinging, bounty hunting, you name it. Westworld truly does dish up a metric tonne of cool cowboy action.

4. Sir Anthony Hopkins

Anthony plays the creator of this insane robot theme park, and his performance has been met with critical acclaim. There are so many other incredible actors on board but we’re just so stoked about Anthony.

5. Ed Harris

Speaking of incredible actors, look! It’s Ed freaking Harris! He plays one of the creepiest, most complex bad guys in TV history. We would NOT want to cross him.

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