20 horror movies you’ve never seen and where they’re available

Think you’ve seen it all? Think again.
As every true horror fan knows, the sale-bin of scary movies is pretty much a bottomless pit. To help you cut through the fray, we’ve compiled some of our favourite lesser-known gems and where to watch them – right now.

1. The Gift

The Gift is one of those deceptively intense, totally unexpected horror films that will really do your head in. It stars Joel Edgerton and Jason Bateman, and is just layer upon layer of mind games and creepiness. Also, Joel wrote and directed it! A must-see. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

2. The House of the Devil

The troubles arise when our hero answers a babysitting ad, and learns that it’s not a baby she’s looking after... Things get a little Satan-y but hey, $12 an hour is $12 an hour. Stream it on Quickflix.

3. Deathgasm

The gem straight outta New Zealand is a bit like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World meets The Evil Dead. When an amateur heavy metal band accidentally brings about Armageddon, they must use what wits they have to battle the demonic forces. With a sick sense of humour and one apocalyptic soundtrack even non-metal fans will be head banging before the end credits roll. Totally unhinged.  Stream it on iTunes.

4. The Loved Ones

A totally twisted Aussie indie horror classic, The Loved Ones is set in a small rural town and follows a girl, Lola, who decides that if she boy she likes won’t go to her formal with her… she’ll make him, one way or another. Violent, hectic and totally great. It’s on Google Play and iTunes. 

5. Train to Busan

Zombies upset a normally peaceful train ride to Busan  – chaos and gore ensues. Guaranteed to make you feel much better about City Rail. Stream it on Netflix.

6. Ouija: Origin of Evil

We don’t really need to explain the plot of this one – some people hold a séance, it doesn’t go well. But gosh darn, it is suspenseful, funny, crazy and most importantly – scary AF. Stream it on iTunes.

7. The Boy

This is our son, he’s a doll, but it’s cool, it’s all totally normal.’ No one really says that, but they might as well. Walking Dead alumni Lauren Cohen has to put up with all kinds of BS from her porcelain protégé. Don’t be put off by the wacky premise, this is B-grade entertainment at its finest. Stream it on iTunes 

8. The Invitation

Set at a dinner party where the hosts may or may not have a sinister agenda, this movie will keep you guessing, and on the edge of your seat! Our advice? Go in knowing as little as possible. Watch it on Netflix. 

9. The Conjuring

We’ve been informed that some of you still haven’t seen The Conjuring, and we demand that you drop everything, run to your TV and stream it right now. Not only is it scary as heck, but it’s based on a true story, is full of legit awesome performances and has a killer sequel! It’s on Google Play and iTunes.

10. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead

A balls-to-the-wall blood bath with motorbikes, flesh-eating monsters and souped up cars – but, no, it’s not Mad Max. Every frame of this film goes hell for leather. Daggy as hell, but deliriously entertaining. Stream it on iTunes.

11. The Voices

If you’re more of a psychological thriller person than a horror one, The Voices is worth checking out. Ryan Reynolds shines as the sweet and simple boy-next-door who struggles with murderous impulses. Stream it on Netflix.

12. Dark Water

The original – not the remake! A single mum moves into an apartment with a leaking ceiling, but it’s not your average plumbing mishap. Of course, there’s a sinister little ghost girl. Its part The Ring and part Renovation Rescue.  Stream it on iTunes.

13. Rope

Rope is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s least known, but one of his scariest and his best. Two cruel, intelligent friends murder a mate of theirs, hide the body, and invite a group over to their apartment… just to see if anybody can figure out what they’ve done. Brilliant and creepy. Now on Amazon Prime.

14. The Conjuring 2

We told you The Conjuring had a killer sequel! Somehow, The Conjuring 2 pulls off the near impossible trick of being as good as (or even better than) its predecessor. This time, Ed and Lorraine Warren, paranormal investigators, head to England to deal with a supernatural threat. It’s on Google Play and iTunes.

15.  A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night

Parts cool and creepy, this is probably the first film to feature a skateboarding vampire. Watch it on Netflix.

16.  The Monster

In the desolate backwoods, an evil force preys on a stranded mother and daughter. If you prefer slow-burn suspense over jump scares then this is the film for you. With a chilling atmosphere and emotional climax, The Monster is reminiscent of films like The Shining and Rosemary’s Baby. Watch it on Amazon Prime.

17. Grabbers

The premise of this alien flick is too good to be true: tentacle-sporting creatures invade a small island town and the only way to keep them away – stay drunk. Bottom’s up! Now on iTunes.

18. We Are Still Here

A couple move into their dream house in the country, and straight away the neighbours are like, ‘Um, heapsa people die mysteriously here.’ They’re like, ‘All good bro, we’re stayin’ anyway lol…’ SMH. They find out the house used to be a funeral home, what could possibly go wrong? Stream it on iTunes.

19.  Berberian Sound Studio

A sound technician is hired to create effects for a gruesome horror movie and goes way WAY too far for his work. I guess that’s the price you pay for wanting some fresh beats. Stream it on iTunes.

20. Sleepaway Camp

Full of crazy overacting and bizarre wardrobe choices (all the guys wear crop tops wtf), this movie is the embodiment of ‘80s slasher nostalgia and has one of the best twist endings of all time. Stream it on iTunes.

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