9 reasons why we love Jennifer Lopez

Jenny From The Block is on fire right now, but she’s kind of always been the hottest thing around. Here’s nine reasons we’ll always love J.Lo.
Can you believe J.Lo just turned 50? We can’t! But it got us thinking… how much as Jenny From The Block achieved? Well, we’ve compiled for you nine moments which prove she’s the absolute best, and explain pretty neatly why we still love her.

In 1997, Lopez took the world by storm, landing her first leading role in the heartbreaking biopic Selena. Her performance as the ill-fated Latino superstar who was murdered at 23 had critics raving. Fun fact: she also appeared in Anaconda the same year!

Out of Sight

Jennifer Lopez in Out of sight
Source: Universal Pictures

Out of Sight is one of Jennifer Lopez’s best movies, hands down. Steven Soderbergh (Oceans 11, Erin Brokovich, Magic Mike) turned out this terrific heist slash love story that follows a charming career criminal (played by George Clooney) and a tenacious U.S. Marshal (Lopez).

Music Maker

Jennifer Lopez
Source: Sony Music Entertainment

Clearly not content with her acting career taking off, J.Lo leant into music. In 1999, she released her debut album On The 6, and the single If You Had My Love shot to the top of the charts. The album went on to sell over 7 million copies!
That Green Dress

Jennifer Lopez with Puff Daddy
Source: Getty Images
Ahh, the dress. Jennifer wore this iconic Versace number to the 42nd Grammy Awards in the year 2000, accompanied by then boyfriend Puff Daddy. It was a ground-breaking moment in fashion and in red carpet looks, and cemented Lopez as a style icon.

Looks Good, Smells Good

Jennifer Lopez Perfume
Source: Coty Incorporated

As if being a successful actor and singer wasn’t enough, J.Lo decided to take things up a notch in 2003, launching own clothing line and her own scent! Now, fans could look like her and smell like her!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Source: USA Today

Ahh, Bennifer. J.Lo had finished up seeing Sean Combs and a brief marriage to a back-up dancer, when she entered into a relationship with superstar Ben Affleck. They made two films together, Gigli and Jersey Girl, but sadly their engagement fell through just before the ceremony.
Maid In Manhattan

Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan
Source: Sony Pictures Entertainment

Nobody does rom-coms quite like Jennifer Lopez. One of her most iconic hits is Maid In Manhattan, in which Lopez plays a maid at a high-end hotel who bumps into a rich Republican senator (played by Ralph Fiennes) while she’s trying on a ballgown. It’s a charming, funny Cinderella story with Lopez at her charming best.

American Idol

Jennifer Lopez on American Idol
Source: Getty

J.Lo even hosted American Idol! For two seasons she judged contestants across from Steve Tyler of Aerosmith fame, and she absolutely nailed it.

Second Act

In this new romcom, Lopez plays Maya, a 40 year old with street smarts who decides to reinvent herself and make a huge career change after creating a fake Facebook page crammed with credentials she doesn’t actually have. Proving it’s never too late for a second act, Lopez is in top form in this funny, fresh take on the genre.

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