Renting Movies Online Is Easy! Here’s How

Miss heading down to the video shop to rent something for the weekend? Renting movies and TV shows online is easy. Here’s how to get watching using iTunes, Google Play, Fetch, BigPond Movies and Foxtel.
How to rent on iTunes
Renting TV shows and movies on iTunes has never been easier thanks to our handy video guide.

How to rent on Google Play
Thanks to our video guide, Google Play rental has never been easier. Whether you're looking for TV shows or movies, you'll find the answer above.

How to rent on Fetch
Rent the latest movies and TV shows on Fetch TV with ease, thanks to our handy video guide.

How to rent on BigPond Movies
BigPond Movies has a great selection of film and TV shows to choose from. Use our handy video guide on renting and be enjoying the latest releases in no time.

How to rent on Foxtel
Enjoy the latest and greatest TV shows and Movies on Foxtel with ease thanks to our helpful video guide.

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