8 TV shows cancelled way too soon

Why do some of the best shows get killed before their time?
Shows get cancelled all the time. Orange is the New Black just got shelved, and heaps of your favourite shows will disappear before they’re done telling their stories. Here are some of our absolute fave shows that just got cancelled, and some that we’re still mad about losing.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Gutted! We still can’t believe this comedy from Tina Fey got dumped. Kimmy Schmidt starts the show escaping a cult and heading to the big city, where her wide-eyed ways get her into all kinds of trouble. We’ll miss you, Kimmy.

Luke Cage

Of all the Marvel TV shows, Luke Cage is the one we might miss the most. It’s far, far too soon to end the story of Luke Cage, hero for hire, and his adventures smashing bad guys in the face in New York City.


How did a sci-fi western from the creator of Buffy and Angel get nuked after a single season? Firefly was a total blast that finished far too soon, and even thought we got a feature film (Serenity), it wasn’t quite the same as returning properly to the world of Firefly.


Hannibal was weird bloody and totally great, so naturally network execs pulled the pin, leaving us with a Hannibal-shaped hole in our lives. There were many rumours of a resurgence, but who knows whether we’ll get the resolution we crave.

Veronica Mars

Kirsten Bell (The Good Place, Frozen) plays a PI who also happens to be a high school student. The series was totally awesome but got cancelled by total buzzkills, BUT an epic kick-starter campaign ensured a movie happened! And now there are rumblings of a follow-up series. Fingers crossed!


The animated sci-fi comedy from The Simpsons creator Matt Groening ran for a few seasons and gathered a cult following, but was axed in 2003. Then, Comedy Central bought the rights and revived it, leading to a bunch of movie-length specials. This led to a 26-episode season in 2009, after which it was cancelled again. We’re waiting for another revival!

Agent Carter

Marvel has heaps of TV shows in the mix, but Agent Carter was our favourite. Hayley Atwell played Agent Peggy Carter in the first Captain America movie, and this series followed her adventures as founding member of SHIELD and all-round badass secret agent lady. It only ran for two seasons, but we’re gutted that it ended on a cliff hanger.

Freaks and Geeks

Created by Paul Fieg and Judd Apatow and starring Seth Rogen, James Franco, Jason Segel, Linda Cardinelli and heaps more, Freaks and Geeks was a smart, funny, fast dramedy set in the early 80s with a fantastic soundtrack. So how the heck did it get cancelled? We’ll never know. But even though it only lasted a single season… what a season.

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