Why Barb? TV characters killed off too soon

All the TV characters we loved and lost, far too soon :’(
Total spoilers ahead – proceed with caution!

Barb, Stranger Things

Source: Netflix

Played By: Shannon Purser
Killed Off: Season 1, Episode 3
Why We’re Still Devo: Barb, our time together was short but sweet - we will never forget those glorious frames and mum jeans. The search party may have forgotten you, but we never will. #WeAreAllBarb

Adele Stackhouse AKA Gran, True Blood

Adele Stackhouse

Played By: Lois Smith
Killed Off: Season 1, Episode 6
Why We’re Still Devo: A strong and sassy matriarch, Gran supported Bill and Sookie’s relationship from the beginning. Even though she was only in True Blood for six episodes, she left a lasting impression, and her next-level baking skills will live in our hearts forever.

Khal Drogo, Game of Thrones

Khal Drogo

Played By: Jason Momoa
Killed Off: Season 1, Episode 10
Why We’re Still Devo: We’re sorry Ned, your death was almost as sad – but Drogo is our number 1. Between his fearsome presence and smoldering eyeliner, the Khal was one of the biggest badasses on Game of Thrones. We can’t help but feel like he got a little short-changed dying from such a minor wound.

Zoe Barnes, House of Cards

Zoe Barnes
Source: Netflix

Played By: Kate Mara
Killed Off: Season 2, Episode 1
Why We’re Still Devo: It just goes to show no matter how clever you are, once you step inside Frank Underwood’s web your fate is already sealed. Zoe meets hers in a subway station in one of the most holy sh*t moments in TV history. It may have been a ballsy move on Fincher’s part to kill her in the first ep of season 2, but we can’t help but be a little disappointed we didn’t get to see more of her.

Matthew Crawley, Downton Abbey

Matthew Crawley
Source: ITV

Played By: Dan Stevens
Killed Off: Season 3, Episode 9
Why We’re Still Devo: Happily driving towards Downton in his convertible, wind in his hair, literally days after his son was born… and BAM! This unexpected exit caused thousands of complaints from distraught viewers and we totally get why. #MatthewAndMaryForever

Stringer Bell, The Wire

Stringer Bell

Played By: Idris Elba
Killed Off: Season 3, Episode 11
Why We’re Still Devo: Ruthless drug kingpin Stringer Bell may not have been one of the good guys, but he was one of the most fascinating. He knew how to run a business (an illegal one yes, minor detail), and we never knew what he’d do next. Our only consolation is that his death was at the hands of The Wire’s other stand-out character: Omar Little.

Molly Jones, A Country Practice
Molly Jones
Source: Seven Network

Played By: Anne Tenney
Killed Off: Season 3, Episode 12
Why We’re Still Devo: It’s been over 30 years since Molly’s tragic demise from leukemia but damn this one still hurts! How could we forget the way the scene faded to black as Brendan ran towards her calling her name? We’re not crying – you’re crying.

Marissa Cooper, The OC

Marissa Cooper
Source: Warner Bros.

Played By
: Mischa Barton
Killed Off: Season 3 finale
Why We’re Still Devo: Where were you on May 18, 2006? We remember it like it was yesterday – Ryan carries Marissa’s body from the flaming wreckage as Imogen Heap’s cover of Hallelujah plays hauntingly in the background. More than ten years later, this still remains one of the most iconic deaths in television history.

Nicholas Brody, Homeland

Nicholas Brody
Source: Showtime

Played By: Damian Lewis
Killed Off: Season 4, Episode 12
Why We’re Still Devo: He may have lasted four seasons, but it didn’t feel like enough. Nick Brody gave us one of the most compelling storylines in TV history.

Rita Morgan, Dexter

Rita Morgan
Source: Showtime

Played By: Julie Benz
Killed Off: Season 4 finale
Why We’re Still Devo: You know it’s good TV when you find yourself feeling sorry for a serial killer. That’s exactly how we felt when Dexter returns home to find Rita… in the bathtub. Rita may have been oblivious (and kinda annoying at times), but she did NOT deserve to go out like that! As devastating as her death was, we must admit it was one of the best twists in the entire series.

Patrick Reid, Offspring

Source: Southern Star

Played By: Matthew Le Nevez
Killed Off: Season 4, Episode 12
Why We’re Still Devo: When Patrick was involved in a minor accident, no one watching at home thought it was the end. But then, in a dramatic turn, the heavily pregnant Nina watches him slip away. This episode didn’t just break our hearts; it left us questioning our mortality. If you’re not sad about this one, you’re a monster.

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