All The Times Oliver Was Clearly Arrow (And No-One Had A Clue)

Remember all those times when we sit shouting at the TV – how could you not know that’s Oliver!? Here are a few of those moments.
Hey Laurel Lance, you know that mysterious, hot guy you used to date?

laurel lance and oliver queen

This might refresh your memory (it’s burnt into ours)…

oliver in towel

Why is it you can never recognise him when he’s wearing his hood?

laurel lance and arrow

Or his mask?

Arrow mask

Or particularly when he’s just wearing a bit of green eye shadow?  It’s so obviously still him. We think you need to go to Specsavers.

green eye shadow

Yo, Detective Lance – see the guy in leather next to you – look familiar?

detective lance and arrow

He should – you come across him all the time AND he used to date your daughter.

Aren’t you detectives meant to be good at facial recognition? Sigh…

detective lance and oliver

Well, well, well, if it isn’t Malcolm Merlyn AKA Dark Archer. We know you’ve had a lot of beef with The Hood – but surely you’ve seen his face enough times to know his true identity?

malcolm merlyn and arrow

C’mon, how hard can it be – you’re staring him straight in the face. Hint: OLIVER QUEEN =  GREEN ARROW!!!

malcolm merlyn and oliver queen

We salute all the characters and all the times that no-one had a clue Oliver was Arrow. All it takes to be completely unrecognisible is a hood, some eye shadow and a wee mask. At least that’s more than Clark Kent uses – he definitely went to Specsavers.

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