All the answers we're hoping for in Young Sheldon

We love Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory, we are hoping that Young Sheldon will answer how Sheldon came to be so... Sheldon
The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon Cooper has so many bizarre quirks, strange idiosyncrasies and funny traits that we couldn’t help but contemplate his childhood. Turns out, we weren’t the only ones who were wondering. Now we get to see the brainiac as a little boy in the upcoming spin-off series, Young Sheldon as we get to travel back in time to 1989 when Sheldon was living in East Texas with his mum, dad and siblings. Even then, Sheldon was no normal child; he was already at the top of his high school class by the mere age of 9 and many of his key characteristics were already in place by then. Jim Parsons supplies a ‘Wonder Years’ style narration to Young Sheldon, giving a nice link between the two shows.

So here are all the funny quirks / traits / habits / mysteries about Sheldon that we’d love to have explained in his origin story…

#1 How did his love of comics start?

Sheldon and leonard

We all know how obsessed Sheldon is with comics, but how and when did his obsession begin? “That's among the topics that Young Sheldon will explore,” says Executive Producer Steven Molaro. "We have the opportunity to look at Sheldon as an adult and think about the origins of how he came to be. He doesn't like comics yet; he likes church with his mom even though he doesn't share her views. There's a joy of discovery with Sheldon." 

#2 When and how did all his routines and rituals start? 

"Every Saturday morning since we've lived in this apartment, I have awakened at 6:15 a.m., poured myself a bowl of cereal, added a quarter cup of 2% milk, sat on that end of that couch, turned on BBC America and watched Doctor Who."

We’re hoping to find out why.

#3 What are the origins of his BAZINGA catchphrase? 

Sheldon uses the phrase as a punch-line to his jokes: (if you can call them jokes!). “Once again, you’ve fallen for one of my classic pranks. Bazinga!” 

#4 We might finally discover how he attempted to get uranium to build his own nuclear reactor to power the town

Sheldon robot

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon has discussed this childhood antic...but now we might actually get to see how it played out in Young Sheldon. Above you can see another invention, his Ultra Sonic Blaster.

#5 Were Stephen Hawking and Leonard Nimoy his role models even as a kid?

Remember when grown-up Sheldon dressed as Hawking for Halloween but everyone thought he was R2D2? Hopefully young Sheldon’s Halloween costumes were better.

#6 When did his love of Star Trek begin and how did he learn Klingon?

Sheldon spook

All the nerds in The Big Bang Theory are Star Trek tragic – but Sheldon takes it to the next level. He’s a self proclaimed Honorary Graduate of Starfleet Academy and has a Dr Spock uniform.

#7 Who taught him the ‘Soft Kitty’ song that he sings when he’s sick?

“Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur, happy kitty, sleeping kitty, purr, purr, purr.”

Meemaw perhaps?

#8 Did he even love flags and cartography as a kid? 

sheldon flags

Maybe his ‘Fun with Flags’ web series had a root in his childhood geography class.

#9 Will we see even more of his kind side?

Like when he invited pregnant Bernadette over for board games and sparkling cider when the gang went wine tasting – so she wouldn’t be lonely. There might be more touching moments like this coming up in Young Sheldon, but they’ll probably be few and far between.

#10 Where did his fear of germs originate?

We’re guessing his family were grubs. In the trailer for Young Sheldon, he’s wearing gloves during grace at the dinner table so he doesn’t have to touch his family. Germophobia was already deeply embedded at 9.

#11 Who gave him his first train set, starting a life-long obsession?

Sheldon trains

“I’ve always loved trains – infact if my career in theoretical physics hadn’t worked out, my back-up plan was to become a professional ticket-taker.”

#12 Why doesn’t Sheldon seem to have much fondness for his Dad?

According to Sheldon, his dad died when he was 14 but he doesn’t have fond memories of him. Well seeing as Young Sheldon is set in 1989 when Sheldon is 9, his dad, George will be very much alive and kicking. Hopefully we can finally discover the truth about their relationship (along with the rest of his clan).

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