Haters gonna hate: 7 tv characters we love to loathe

We hate to play favourites but…
If a character on TV rubs you up the wrong way, it’s practically a guarantee that they piss other people off, too. Here’s our hit list of the small screen characters that are universally loathed (whether deserved or not). 

Carrie Matheson, Homeland
Played by: Claire Danes
Why so hated?
Her over-the-top cry faces launched their own Tumblr, but many fans of the show just hate Carrie because she’s a train wreck and a terrible spy who wouldn’t know a logical decision if she fell over one. 


Debra Morgan, Dexter

Played by: Jennifer Carpenter
Why so hated? Maybe because in every episode she’s being angry, hysterical or making another questionable romantic choice (really, Deb – you had to sleep with the Ice Truck Killer? So much for cop intuition).  


Ross Geller, Friends
Played by: David Schwimmer
Why so hated? Because he was whiny, needy, nerdy, possessive, a bit manipulative and pretty homophobic. He also once started an I Hate Rachel club, just because she didn’t love him back.


Dorit, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
Played by: Dorit herself
Why so hated? The weird sort-of British accent (despite never living in Britain). The inability to remember any conversation. Her sleazy, know-it-all husband PK. And seriously, who needs six nannies? That said, it’s a love-hate relationship; we don’t want her bumped off the show anytime soon.


Pete Campbell, Mad Men
Played by: Vincent Kartheiser
Why so hated? It’s true to say that Pete is operating amongst a sea of complete reprobates at Sterling Cooper. But the difference is, most of them are somehow likeable, and he just isn’t. At work he’s slimy, manipulative and just plain nasty – and at home he’s possibly the worst husband ever.


Skylar White, Breaking Bad
Played by: Anna Gunn
Why so hated? Beats us! She’s a great character in many ways, but because her on-screen husband was the show’s much-loved anti-hero, and she was painted as the nag who kept getting in his way, Skylar quickly became “a flash point for many people’s feelings about strong, non-submissive, ill-treated women”, says Gunn, who even received death threats for a time. 


Dora, Dora the Explorer
Voiced by: Fatima Ptacek
Why so hated? She asks idiotic questions like “Where is the mountain?” when it’s RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER. There are no prizes for guessing why many parents are Dora-haters. The ‘backpack backpack’ song is also possibly the most annoying song of all time. 


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