7 new horror movies that’ll scare the pants off us all

2017 is officially the Year of Fear with scary clowns, possessed dolls and brain harvesters scaring audiences around the globe. Horror is officially hot again.
2017 is officially the year of fear with scary clowns, possessed dolls, brain harvesters and uninvited house guests scaring audiences around the globe. Horror is officially hot again.  

Terrifying tales It Comes at Night, Get Out, IT, Annabelle: Creation and Mother! have put a chill in the air at cinemas this year, with a slew of horror movies scaring up big box office numbers. And it looks like Horrorwood (we had to go there) is just getting started; here are seven of our most hotly-anticipated scare-treats on their way to the big screen:
Aussie director James Wan (Saw, The Conjuring) has signed on to produce horror thriller Sweet Tooth. The movie will adapt a Dutch horror short story about a woman who returns home and while watching the news discovers the family living next door have been murdered. In a freaky twist, she hears laughter and kids’ footsteps from their apartment. 

Meanwhile the Keifer Sutherland, Julia Roberts hit 1990 psychological thriller, Flatliners is getting another jolt of life. The remake stars Ellen Page as one of five medical students, hoping to crack the mystery of the afterlife by dicing with death. 

is crawling out of the well this Halloween with Vincent D’Onofrio (Jurassic World) and Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory) starring in another ‘first you watch it, then you die’ tale of a cursed email attachment (haven’t we all opened one of those?) that promises death within a week. Fun!

Retro horror is making a comeback too. After Annabelle rose from the toy cupboard to give us sleepless nights, cute killer Chucky is breaking out of the playroom again in the upcoming Cult of Chucky. 

Meanwhile fans of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series can watch Jedidiah Sawyer rev his garden tool one more time in upcoming Leatherface. 

If you just can't get enough pulse-racing slasher action, then look out for 2018’s The Nun, the highly anticipated spinoff of The Conjuring. The supernatural thriller will focus on a demonic nun and promises plenty of Romanian castles, graveyards and fog. 

And you’ll never set foot into a natural body of water again if you buy a ticket to Meg, a giant shark film starring Jason Statham which makes Jaws look like Finding Nemo  

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