10 Memories In Rizzoli & Isles That We’ll Cherish Forever

Hit crime drama Rizzoli & Isles has solved its final murder case – we’re devastated, but here our top 10 memories
After more than 100 episodes and 7 seasons, the hit crime drama, Rizzoli and Isles, has solved its last murder and closed its final case. The worldwide fan base still can’t quite believe there won’t be any more wise-cracking, sexy bad-ass attitude from Jane Rizzoli and smarty-pants, nerd-overload revelations from Maura Isles. As a team, they were total opposites; yet, their friendship, chemistry and work ethic enabled them to crack the toughest, the weirdest and most compelling crimes Boston has ever seen. So, in an effort to hold on a bit longer, here are 10 memories from Rizzoli and Isles we’ll cherish forever…

1. Rizzoli putting her body on the line

In the finale of Season 1, Jane Rizzoli is held captive with a gun to her head. She screams at her fellow officers to take the shooter out but the risk is too high and they hold fire. It’s a stalemate until Rizzoli takes matters into her own hands (literally) and shoots the assailant through her own body. Crazy, cool and gutsy stuff.

2. Rizzoli and Isles singing the ‘80s 

It wasn’t a hit from Wham or punk rock from Joan Jett that got us giggling. Rizzoli’s mix tape featuring Ambrosia’s “Biggest Part of Me” was inspired dagginess and so was their high-pitched harmonising.

3. Detective Vince Korsak channeling Marlon

He’s a seasoned, hard-edged detective who loves watching dog videos online. Yes, Detective Korsak is an enigma which is why he is such an interesting guy to have on the team. In between catching baddies he likes stirring his colleagues, who aren’t always up for his antics. In Season 2 as he stood ‘on the waterfront’, Korsak seized the opportunity to subject Rizzoli to one of his movie star impersonations. And she subjected him to her honest assessment: “Here’s the deal – I’ll do sensitivity training; you don’t do Brando.” 

4. R&I - more than BFFs

From the very first season, fans have speculated about ‘the relationship’ between Rizzoli and Isles. Even though they both date men through the series, audiences have questioned the real nature of Jane and Maura’s partnership. So the producers decided to have a little fun with it. In season 2, Jane’s mechanic wants to date Isles but the attraction is not mutual. So the pair tell him they are LLBFF’s – “Lifelong Best Friends Forever” – and bat for the other team!

5. Isles’ customised ringtone

No one, including Chopin, could have predicted that his famous Piano Sonata No. 2. would be used two centuries later by Rizzoli to signal a phone call from Isles. Nevertheless it is fitting and funny – given the haunting piece is more commonly known as The Funeral March.

6. The senior citizen you don’t want to call on.

Rizzoli and Isles likes to surprise in small, unexpected ways. In Season 1 when Rizzoli and Detective Frost call on a sweet looking old lady inquiring about the whereabouts of her son, they get more than they bargained for. Racist and bigoted, she lets loose, calling Frost “one of those affirmative action cops” and Rizzoli “a skinny, grease-ball, dyke detective”!

7. The real-life loss of cast member Lee Thomson Young

In the show, he was the young detective with a weak stomach for autopsies. Off screen he was a loved member of the cast and his death from suicide was devastating for them all. The episode in Season 5 where Detective Frost is laid to rest (his character dies after a car accident) was difficult to shoot as the crew were mourning the loss of Thompson Young off-screen too. This episode was a real, loving send-off and a fitting tribute to a much admired actor and friend.

8. Rizzoli’s mother strikes again

Angela Rizzoli promises time and again she won’t embarrass her daughter, but according to Rizzoli, she’s been doing it for 30 years. So when Angela sends her a message with predictive text, she isn’t surprised that “Honey I need a loner” is sent as “Homey I need a boner”.

9. Rizzoli kills Isles’ father

Can a friendship recover when your best friend shoots your dad dead? It’s the opening plot to Season 3 and the first time Rizzoli and Isles are embroiled in such serious conflict. Producers of the show had to convince the broadcasting network to go with the storyline – and a big round of applause for doing it. It’s undeniably enthralling TV. 

10. The finale that nailed it

Too often when shows finish their run, the final episode is a complete let down. This is a cracker! It has the perfect blend of crime, intrigue and nostalgia. Incorporating a farewell video within the storyline is a deft touch too, allowing the characters to say what the cast themselves want to express: heartfelt, thankful goodbyes. Viewing is essential; tissues, compulsory!

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