The Geeks of DCs Arrowverse

The Geeks of DCs Arrowverse and why they’re the real MVPs
Behind every superhero there’s a back-up squad. These are the close friends, the family members, the trusted few who know the hero’s true identity and are ready to stick with them through thick and thin. And then there’s tech support.

Don’t be fooled. Time and again we’re led to think of these guys and girls as comic relief, forgettable romantic interests, or otherwise unimportant. The tech geeks of the Arrowverse beg to differ.


Barry Allen, better known as The Flash, spends a lot of time running through time. His absurd speed allows him to traverse multiple timelines and pull off equally absurd, reality-altering stunts. He needs a tech guru who can keep up. Not just a brilliant engineer, Cisco keeps a close eye on all things Flash. He’ll even go as far as developing a high-calorie bar for The Flash’s monumental metabolism.

Flash Cisco
Everything a growing hero needs.

A metahuman himself, Cisco is one of the few individuals capable of remembering or foreseeing events in alternate timelines. With each trip to the past bringing a possible cataclysm to the present, it’s good to have him on team Flash.


On the surface, Winn Schott is exactly what you’d expect. Working alongside Supergirl at a media company by day, all while providing mission support (and some awkward romantic tension) by night. 

Supergirl winn
Supergirl has many heightened abilities. Human interaction isn’t one of them.

There’s more to Winn than first appearances. Later episodes reveal that he’s the son of a convicted murderer. He’s not just the lovable sidekick dragged along for the ride- he’s struggling against a legacy he never asked for, one that he’ll have to confront eventually. Winn’s closeness to villainy gives the character a depth that most other archetypal support geeks can’t match.


Green arrow felicity

Both a savvy business woman and a computer science prodigy, Felicity Smoak brings corporate funding and IT support to team Arrow. Actually, IT “support” might be misleading; Felicity is the single greatest hacker in the Arrowverse. 

Team Flash agrees. And they’re not even on the same show.


The greying doctor isn’t what most people would mentally picture as a nuclear-powered metahuman. And yet, here he is. 

dr martin stein
Sorry readers, you can’t learn that at MIT.

To be precise (and the doctor would be), Dr. Martin Stein is half of a metahuman. The composite being known as Firestorm requires Stein to physically merge with a compatible person to activate his powers. Outside his life as Firestorm, Stein continues his storied scientific career by helping the other heroes untangle the multiverse. It sounds larger than life, but Stein’s greatest struggle as a character is simply putting family before work. The sci-fi setting lets this ordinary plot thread play out in an extraordinary way- keep an eye out for it.

The geek doesn’t usually enjoy as much of the spotlight as the hero, even if they’re heroes in their own right. DC’s Arrowverse aims to change this; the tech geeks here are just as well rounded as their heroes, and sometimes just as deadly.

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