Game of Thrones Season 7 Recap: Episode 6 Roll-Call

This week’s episode left us feeling cold - literally. We so don’t get Jon’s love for the North. It’s losing your fingers and toes kind of miserable. Give us the beaches of the South any day. Anyway, *SPOILERS* as always.

1. The Motley Crew - Present and on the hunt

Motley Crew

We rejoin our favourite heroes in a blizzard no less, and although you couldn’t pay us a million bucks to make this trek, the road trip banter was strong: The Hound revealed he hates Gingers, Tormund admitted he wants to have babies with Brienne, Jon tried to give Jorah the sword Jeor Mormont gave him, but Jorah wouldn’t have a bar of it, and Beric pointed out Jon even doesn’t look anything like his Dad (that’s cos he’s a Targaryen, dammit)...

*Cue dead polar bear* And here we go! Credit to David Benioff and D.B. Weiss for setting this battle in a blizzard – we couldn’t tell who was who and we think that was a pure stroke of genius. Mild panic set in when the entire Army of The Dead came out of nowhere from ALL directions surrounding our Motley Crew. Thank the Lord of Light for not entirely freezing over that giant pond because just when we thought the AOTD was going to win, it cracked and the war between those dead and alive was suspended. What came next was most-likely months (crammed into 15 minutes) of stalemate while our mate Gendry was seen running for Eastwatch where he sent a raven to Dany for help.  

But just as we thought we could relax, The Hound decided to throw rocks at the dead (seriously, WTF, what if the ice doesn’t crack?!) and the fight was back on. That moment when we thought Tormund was a goner nearly killed us. And don’t get us started on Jon disappearing into the water while Dany and her party flew away on Drogon. The most stressful part though was the head dead guy lining up his giant spear to take out Viserion. So tense.

Q1: Who correctly guessed it was Benjen Stark to the rescue when Jon resurfaced from the water? Or rather, Benjen to the sacrifice. All Men Must Die, right?
Q2: Who predicted the bit at the end!? And will Viserion breathe ICE from now on? *Shivers*

2. Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen – Present

Dany and Tyron

First up: Dany’s coat needs a spin-off. Secondly, just how small is Jon Snow? And thirdly, did anyone else notice the many references to Dany not being able to have kids? The fact it was hammered home a lot makes us think she can in fact have kids but only with another Targaryen… Would also be the answer to Tyrion’s pressing question about who Dany’s successor is. And fair point, Tyrion. We hadn’t thought about that so we’re glad someone is onto it.

Later in the ep there was a tender moment between Dany and Jon where Jon comforted “Dany” (we thought that’s just what we called her!) for the loss of her scale baby and he FINALLY agreed to bend the knee, albeit without even bending a knee. 

3. Sansa and Arya Stark – Present

Sansa and Arya

Back at Winterfell, aka the second most depressing place on Earth after The Wall, with Sansa and Arya and our favourite storyline of the moment. 

It turns out the root of Arya’s hate for Sansa is because she blames Sansa for their Dad’s death. Arya read out the scroll we didn’t get through last week (thanks, A), which was a letter from Sansa to Robb way back in Season 1, telling him to bow down to Joffrey and combine their two families. Arya took that straight up as a betrayal. Then, when Sansa confronted Arya about the faces under her bed she straight up told her sister she can be anyone she wants to be, including Sansa. Chills.

No surprises, we blame Littlefinger for all of this hate. What we haven’t worked out yet though is why The Creep wants to split the sisters up?

Meanwhile Sansa has been sent an invitation to visit Kings Landing. Although it’d be great to see Sansa come face-to-face with Cersei, we’re kind of excited to see Brienne go in her place because it means we’ll get a Brienne-Jaime reunion! 

Although… Q: Are we all wondering if Arya will pose as Sansa and use it as an opportunity to tick Cersei off her list?

Bring on the season finale!

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