Game of Thrones Season 7 Recap: Episode 4 Roll-Call

Gather round, we’ve got the latest roll-call from Game of Thrones Episode 4. *SPOILERS* ARE COMING.
1. Arya Stark – Present and full of sass

Arya Stark

Those two burly doormen were never going to keep out THE Arya Stark and how relieved were we? She’s back at Winterfell with Sansa and Bran, discussing her ‘list’. It was cute that Sansa thought Arya was joking about the peeps she wants to kill. We guess we know Arya better than Sansa after all their years apart and all of ours together.

Bran regifts the Valyrian steel dagger from Littlefinger to Arya. Valyrian steel is one of only two weapons that’ll kill White Walkers so he must think his sister is up for the job of killing the Night King. Hear hear!

2. Littlefinger – Present and still a creep


Seriously, what does this creeper want with our beloved Stark kids!? We cannot work the guy out. He’s still sniffing round Sansa and what was with the fatherly advice for Bran? Does he know this isn’t The Bold And The Beautiful? The sooner Arya puts the dagger through that guy, the better. He is TOP of our list.

3. Bran 2.0 - Present

Bran Stark

Bran’s soul seems to have left Westeros. He’s a shell of his old self and as Meera said, he “died in that cave”. A bit sad TBH, but we guess it’ll be worth it if Bran 2.0 is gonna help win the war.

4. Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen – Present and still hot

Jon Snow and Dany

Jon took Dany into a bloody big cave to show her drawings by The Children of the Forest. Turns out The Children and the First Men worked together to fight the White Walkers (the proof Jon needed!), and he thinks they should do the same thing. Dany’s into it if (*eye-roll*) he bends the knee.

5. Dothraki army, The Mad King’s Daughter, Jaime Lannister, Bronn and the mighty dragon-killing machine – Present

Dany and Drogon

Despite the advice from Dany’s nearest and dearest, she’s gone wild and it is GREAT news for us. Cue crazy battle scene that no doubt is the reason why we’re three eps short this year. This scene was full of slaying, fire breathing and burning bodies - everything we’ve come to love cos of this show!

Bronn had his moment when he took down Dany and Drogon, Jaime got stuck into the Dothraki, and poor, conflicted Tyrion, watched from afar torn between Team Dany and Team Jaime. Bless him!

Q: Do we still think Tyrion’s intentions are pure? There’s a theory doing the rounds in our office that he’s been working with Jaime since the beginning and getting in with Dany is all part of the plan...

But who cares about any of that… IS JAIME ACTUALLY DEAD?  We’re hoping not, which makes us wonder which side we’re even on.

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Gather round, it’s time for Game of Thrones Roll-Call . *SPOILERS* ARE COMING.
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