7 pets that deserve their own spin offs

Pets bring so much joy to our lives, even more so when they are on TV. Here are seven pets who deserve their own shows in our humble opinion.
We all love a TV pet with character – especially those that steal the show every time they’re on-screen. Here are a few that got their 15 minutes of fame, but deserved a whole lot more, in our humble opinion. 

Bouncer, Neighbours

The loveable Labrador retriever was reportedly played by the one dog throughout the six years he appeared on air, and given his many adventures – including getting lost, surviving a road accident and poisonous mushrooms – Bouncer was perfectly placed to star in his own series. Sadly he died of cancer just a few months after finishing up on Neighbours.

Source: FreemantleMedia

Giggy, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

The Pomeranian with a wardrobe almost as large as his owner, RHOBH just wouldn’t be the same without Giggy. The poster-pooch for long-suffering pets, we can’t help but think that if we got him away from his palatial surroundings and helicopter parent Lisa Vanderpump, he’d have a lot to er, bark about. 

Source: Bravo

Stella, Modern Family

There’s a reason TV’s top dog is such a favourite. Firstly, she’s the only character on Modern Family who can beat Gloria at her own game, and secondly; that little French bulldog face is just too cute. Awww Stella! Bark your way into your own spin-off, please – we’ll be watching!

Source: Twentieth Century Fox Television

John, Please Like Me

He can rock a costume like nobody’s business and fans have come to love John the dog almost as much as they do his owner, comedian and Please Like Me star Josh Thomas. He’s famously said that John the dog is “50 percent Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 50 percent poodle, 100 percent gangsta” – and we have to agree. Give that canine a lead role, someone!

Source: ABC

Alf, Alf

Okay, so Alf isn’t technically a pet. He’s an alien whose spaceship crash-landed into the Tanner’s garage and he just made himself at home. The actual pet here is Lucky, a cat subjected to Alf’s all-too regular attempts to eat him. Even so, we wish Alf would’ve stuck around for a proper spin-off (that animated version doesn’t count). 

Source: Alien Productions

Buck, Married With Children

Living with TV’s most dysfunctional family obviously wasn’t easy for Buck Bundy, who was a bit of a cynical smartass at heart and let us know what he was thinking from time to time (in his head). Buck was a pooch ripe for his own series, but sadly he was killed off by the producers in Season 10 to allow the aging canine playing him to retire.

Source: Columbia Pictures

Brian, Family Guy

Arguably the smartest pet on the small screen, Brian is the voice of reason in the crazy Griffin household – his intellectuality rivaled only by Stewie’s genius. Although Brian’s never had his own spin-off show, he’s had crossover appearances in American Dad and The Cleveland Show – so we live in hope. 

Source: Twentieth Century Fox Television

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