7 IT Easter Eggs in Stranger Things

Growing up, Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer were drawn to the world of Stephen King, but one novel in particular caught their imagination…
FUN FACT: ‘Stranger Things’ wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for ‘IT’.

Fast-forward twenty or so years, the Duffer Brothers approached Warner Bros in the hopes of remaking the Stephen King classic but could not get the rights. Thus, Stranger Things was born – but not without more than one homage to their fave clown.

1. Comes in the very first episode when Will Byers tells his mother he doesn’t get scared anymore. Her response: ‘not even of… clowns?’

3. Speaking of bullies, there is a scene in Stranger Things where Dustin is threatened at knife point by a school bully that matches the scene in IT when Ben from the Loser’s Club is also held at knife point by a bully.

Knifpoint Knifepoint IT

4. Enough said:

Stranger Things logo Stephen king It logo

5. Slingshot: in Stranger Things and IT, both groups of kids realize the monsters can’t be outsmarted and must be defeated by force. In both cases their weapons of choice are… slingshots!

Slingshot Stranger Things Slingshot IT<

6. During the scene where Joyce (Winona Ryder) visits Becky and Terry Ives, the mobile hanging in the nursery is decorated with clowns.

Joyce in Stranger Things

7. Both IT and Stranger Things have characters whose younger brothers go missing – Jonathon Byers in Stranger Things and Bill Denbrough in IT.

Bill Denborough Jonathon byers

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