DC Villain Bad-O-Meter

The DC universe is lousy with evil bad guys, there seems to be an endless stream of dudes to vanquish. But what keeps us up late at night, is the question of who is the baddest amongst the baddies?
Who rises above the others as the gold standard of evil? We’ve thought long and hard about it, and we think we’ve come up with an answer. Behold: The Roadshow DC Villain Bad-O-Meter…

7.  Bane

Starting off our list is The Man Who Broke The Bat. Like a discount chiropractor, Bane is best known for crippling Batman in The Dark Knight Rises and Knightfall Arc in the comics.

But Bane is honorable in his own twisted way; rather than kill Batman he imprisoned him. Sure, he was a little torture-keen but Bane must have known there was a possibility of Batman escaping (which is totally what ended up happening).

So how bad is he? He’s a ruthless terrorist, BUT he also genuinely cared for Talia and helped her escape the pit, which gives him a redeeming edge over some of the others on this list.

Bad-O-Meter: Bad, but not above redemption

6.  Harley Quinn

Sometimes two people meet, fall in love and live happily ever after…

Then there’s Harley and The Joker, whose ‘meet cute’ begins at an asylum – not off to a good start. Brought together by their love of crime and makeup, Harley and The Joker are a force to be reckoned with. But Harley is just as much a victim of the Joker as she is his accomplice, and all of the bad things she does are to win his love in her own twisted, mental way.

Overall, she’s not evil but suffering from an acute case of Stockholm Syndrome. So we don’t rate her as that bad - just don’t ask her for relationship advice.

Bad-O-Meter: Hopeless Necromantic

5.   Lex Luthor
Lex Luthor

According to Forbes, Lex is the fourth wealthiest fictional character. But what does he do with all that bank? Forms the Injustice League, destroys a planet and creates some of Superman’s greatest foes. What a jerk.

His hateful obsession with Superman extends to creeping on his sister (yeah, they dated) and even blames the Man of Steel for his hair loss. Like get a wig, bro.

His mantra is ‘the ends always justify the means’ so everything he does, in his mind is for the greater good – which only makes him more terrifying.

Lex even used his money and status to become POTUS by manipulating public opinion – but we’re not drawing any parallels here.

Bad-O-Meter: Power Hungry S.O.B

4.  Doomsday

Speaking of people who have beef with Superman, next up is Doomsday. Firstly, he looks like the stuff of nightmares and secondly his name is FRIGGIN’ DOOMSDAY. Also known as the Walking War Machine, no one wants to mess with this guy – even the worst of the worst don’t want to deal with him. This is the guy who managed to kill Superman…

Bad-O-Meter:  Apocalyptically Bad

3.  Steppenwolf

Steppenwolf is teased to be the main antagonist in the upcoming Justice League movie, and boy, will they have their work cut out for them!

A member of Darkseid’s elite, Steppenwolf is a military mastermind and has a whole army under his control. And an electro axe, not the most important detail… but it’s pretty cool.

While others on this list have been a threat to Earth, Steppenwolf is threat to the entire universe. He’s also immortal, so good luck defeating him.

Bad-O-Meter: Downright evil

2.  Eclipso

Eclipso was once God’s right hand man, but he got so hectic even God was like ‘nah’ and cast him out.

His list of misdeeds trumps even the baddest of baddies, from possessing Superman, to causing Noah’s flood (yeah the one in the Bible) and even planning to kill God himself. Dang!

Did we mention he’s literally the spirit of vengeance?

Bad-O-Meter: Old Testament Evil

1.  The Joker
The Joker

While DC cannon dictates that the undisputed king of evil is Darkseid, we can’t help but love a violent sociopath with a great sense of humour.

SO, topping our list is the one and only, Clown Prince of Chaos.

What crazy sh*t hasn’t this guy done? Reveling in chaos and deception, he deliberately gave Batman the opposite directions to Harvey Dent and Rachel ‘cause he knew who he’d choose. Dick move.

He mightn’t be as powerful as some of the others on this list, but it’s really the little things that count. While the rest on this list have motivations behind their madness, The Joker causes death and destruction - just ‘cos. #WatchTheWorldBurn

Bad-O-Meter: God Made A Mistake

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