9 Ways Power Rangers evolved in the 21st century

Yo Kids of the 90’s! The Power Rangers are back - stronger than before! Sure it’s been two + decades since you watched them on your chunky 26” TV, but the love is still strong - right?
How good was it singing “Go Go Power Rangers”, watching countless back flips from your heroes and waiting for the moment their Zords morphed into a Megazord to save the day?!

Well, the good times are back with the release of 2017’s mighty big-budget blockbuster, Power Rangers! Here are 9 reasons why you’re gonna love their latest adventure:

power rangers moirphing

1. It’s from the original creator Haim Saban who knows how important it is to honour and respect the gigantic fan base of this franchise.

new power rangers discovering powers

2. Saban put the project into the hands of a Power Rangers fan! Director Dean Israelite grew up watching the show and wanted to capture both the nostalgia of the 90’s TV show AND give it a 21st century edge.

new power rangers discovering zordon

3. It’s a full reboot of the Power Rangers series, with all-new actors taking on the roles of originals, Jason (Red), Zack (Black), Billy (Blue), Trini (Yellow), and Kimberly (Pink). They’re still teenagers, but now with millennial attitude.

new power rangers suited up

4. The spandex suits have gone, upgraded with some serious extra-terrestrial armour that crystallises on to the Rangers’ bodies. They’re sleek, imposing and scream “power” from every angle - something that 90’s Lycra really can’t do convincingly in 2017!

power rangers old bad guy

5. The Zords have also had a makeover. Thanks to some clever CGI, they’ve been spectacularly re-imagined. The Megazord is now a cool bio-mechanical alien: a formidable techno-reptilian fighter to rival the might of Rita Repulsa and her warrior henchman, Goldar.

power rangers old rita

6. The 2017 blockbuster has not forgotten what Power Rangers does best, with the tongue-in-cheek humour alive and kicking! Listen out for classic lines like “Make my monster grow!” which are amongst several getting a re-run.

power rangers new rita

7.  Elisabeth Banks (Pitch Perfect) plays Rita Repulsa and is a standout super-villain who brings a massive dose of fun and crazy-evil to the role. The screenwriters have expanded the Power Rangers back story and Rita is revealed as a former Ranger!  She’s more alien-esque than the TV series, is dressed in green (hint, hint) and delivers some super-silly, scenery-chewing entertainment!

power rangers zordon

8. Another big name inclusion is Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) who stars as the Rangers’ leader, Zordon. It is a playful nod to the first ever series when Cranston voiced two characters – monsters, Snizzard and Twin Man.

power rangers bad guys

9. The filmmakers know you know the series and have included other cheeky nods and clever easter eggs. For starters, look out for the Tiger mascot sticker on the back window of Jason’s truck and action figures of Rita’s original goofy henchmen on a shelf. There are also references to other movies including a dig at Transformers; and if you want to know just where the next Power Rangers movie is heading, stay watching after the film for a post credit teaser...

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