The ultimate whovian puzzle: Who will be the next Doctor Who?

Garnering as much chatter and fascination as who the next Bond will be, the world now awaits to discover what the newest incarnation of the Doctor will look like... and according to the growing buzz, the next Time Lord could be female, openly gay, non-white - or heaven forbid, a comedian.
So let’s take a roam through the universe of all the contenders rumoured to replace the irreplaceable Peter Capaldi, who it’s been confirmed is leaving the series. What a regeneration to look forward to!


Ben Whishaw
Source: [Columbia Pictures]

James Bond’s Q has firmed as the favourite – but he was also the favourite to replace Matt Smith in 2013, so anything can happen. Openly gay, married and from the serious side of the acting gene pool, Whishaw would make a brooding, ethereal, eccentric and intriguing Doctor.


Richard Ayoade
Source: [North One Television]

Another firm favourite, with odds just behind Whishaw is Ayoade of IT Crowd fame. Currently on TV in the kooky travel series Travel Man and also about to present The Crystal Maze, he may be a little too busy. If he misses out this time, we think he’d be the perfect regeneration. He already sports ‘Doctor Who-appropriate’ attire.


Rory Kinnear
Source: [Columbia Pictures]

Another Bond alumni, Kinnear played M’s Chief of Staff. A bit under the radar, but he’s always intriguing to watch.


Dave Harewood
Source: [Warner Bros. Television]

A late entry, Harewood is also one of the more mature personages on our list - at 51 years of age. The star of Homeland and Supergirl might have come into consideration late, but he’s proving to be a strong outside bet.


Richard Madden

The Doctor’s ex companion, Jenna Coleman, is also Madden’s ex girlfriend in real life... and wouldn’t he make a bae Doctor. Beloved by fans for his pivotal role as Robb Stark in Game of Thrones, Madden would certainly be a popular choice. Plus, he’s gushed in interviews about how much he loves the series and would be up for taking on the role. Sounds like he’s campaigning!


Olivia Colman
Source: [ITV]

Oh, yes please!... please let the divine Colman be the first female Doctor. She would kill it, nail it and bring it home. She’d be the Doctor with whom you could share a chat and a nice cup of tea, but you wouldn’t want to cross her. Have you seen her let it fly in Broadchurch? Broadchurch co-star and ex-Doctor David Tennant has said in the latest series after she let someone have it: “I think I’ll let you do all the bollocking from now on”. Tennant also believes she’d be a “magnificent choice”- so she has the blessing of an ex-Doctor. Also boosting Colman’s chance, Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall is going to take over from Steven Moffat as DW’s show runner. The stars are aligned.


Miranda Hart
Source: [BBC]

Chummy as Doctor Who- what a thought. The Call the Midwife star and very busy comedian would appeal to a broad spectrum of fans and give the Doctor a goofy edge it hasn’t had before. She’s said in interviews that she finds the series too scary to watch, but added: “If I’m in it, I don’t have to watch it”


Source: [Two Brothers Pictures]

One of the UK’s rising stars and critically acclaimed for her role in the BBC comedy, Fleabag, Waller-Bridge could sneak in and take us all by surprise. To show just how hot she is at the moment, Waller-Bridge has been cast in the Hans Solo spin-off movie, one prestigious ‘space and time’ hopping role could beget another.


Kris Marshall
Source: [BBC]

He’s available! Having recently left the role for which he is most well known - the bumbling & beloved detective Humphrey in Death in Paradise. If the bookies are anything to go by, then Marshall is an odds-on fav:  “A surge of punters have backed Marshall so we’ve had no choice but to close the book” said a spokesman from Ladbrokes.


Rupert Grint

Ron Weasley as the Master of the TARDIS? Why not? Young, fresh and used to other-worldly adventures, Grint would put a grin on our face.

Wild card entries:
Columnists, predictors and internet chatterers have the below names on their radar. We believe that while this list of celebs would each make fascinating Doctors, their odds are pretty slim. Still, imagine a ‘Thin White Duke’ Doctor: Swinton. Or a karaoke carpool Doctor: Corden. Or a sweetie darling Doctor: Saunders. Or a hot buff gay Doctor: Tovey. One day.... one day!


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