TV Renewals Update

The major US broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, CW) have just revealed which shows they’re renewing... and which ones have just been invited to the Red Wedding – yes, that means getting their necks slit and their heads chopped off.
So let’s take a look at which of your favourite TV series will be back for more and which can R.I.P. This list doesn’t include cable or streaming services, so don’t panic if your fave ‘non-US broadcast’ series don’t appear here. Binge-watching fans, it’s time to celebrate or time to weep...


Modern Family
The Dunphy-Tucker-Pritchett clan will be back for a ninth and tenth season... so Gloria can further mangle the English language.

The Big Bang Theory
The world’s most successful sitcom returns for two more seasons; and CBS has also announced they’re working on a spin-off - Young Sheldon - about a nine-year old Sheldon Cooper‘s school life in Texas. Those poor teachers!

How to Get Away with Murder
How to get away with one more season.

We get one more season of political thrills and machinations.

Teen angst-infused murder and mayhem continues.

A win for lovers of ground-breaking, genre-defying comedy.

Grey’s Anatomy
We’d forgotten this was still around – but hoorah for all the fans (anyone there?).

Hawaii Five-0
Dads the world over will be rejoicing.

Madam Secretary
With all the interest in what’s happening in the White House, there’s no way this could have got the chop.

One of the biggest hits to come out of network television in the past decade.

Because origins stories always have a place in our hearts and imaginations.

Lethal Weapon
Mel Gibson’s secret guilty pleasure.

The Simpsons
Life is unthinkable without Homer.

The X-Files
Scully and Mulder are back for an amazing eleventh series.

This is Us
Can’t wait for a whole new season of weeping- bring your tissues.

The 100
Survived the Armageddon to fight another day.

Oliver Green returns- six-pack intact.

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow
Why have one superhero when you can have a whole cache.

The Flash
TV’s Barry Allen is about is about to be joined by his big screen counterpart.

Brain food for lovers of the zombie genre.

Jane The Virgin
Life after virginity.

Rumour has it that’s she’s even stronger than Wonder Woman.


2 Broke Girls
Still popular but too expensive to make apparently.

Bone dead - we’re heartbroken.

The Odd Couple
They split up- what can we say.

Training Day
The tragic death of star Bill Paxton means this series was no longer feasible.

Emerald City
The Wizard of Fizz.

The Vampire Diaries
Got a blood clot.

The Queen has been dethroned.


They’re not yet cancelled, but also haven’t yet been renewed - the official line is that they’re “still under consideration”… so there’s hope for all us fans.

Scream Queens, New Girl, Elementary, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, The Amazing Race, 24: Legacy, Family Guy, Prison Break, Wayward Pines, Celebrity Apprentice, Chicago Justice.

Sources: Vox, Pedestrian Daily, Warner Bros. Television.

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