Which Cut-Throat Businessman Are You?

Fancy yourself as the next Ray Kroc with an idea bigger than McDonald’s?
Fancy yourself as the next Ray Kroc with an idea bigger than McDonald’s?  Think you’ve got the charisma & killer instinct needed for worldwide domination? Take our test and discover which cut-throat businessman you really are...

1. Success requires one key quality:
(a) persistence 
(b) two actually – vision and me 
(c) to act quickly 
(d) opportunity 

2. When I see a business opportunity:

(a) my radar is always set on opportunity 
(b) I see them all the time - that’s what differentiates me from the pack 
(c) I will make it my own 
(d) I focus and go in for the kill 

3. One thing that motivates me:
(a) inspirational speakers 
(b) I do all the motivating here 
(c) ideas 
(d) I don’t need any motivation 

4. I would betray my colleagues in the pursuit of success: 

(a) I wouldn’t see it as betrayal – just business 
(b) Betrayal is highly overrated. Success on the other hand is always worthwhile 
(c) The word betrayal is thrown about by people who are too slow and miss opportunities 
(d) Been there, done that. Next question? 

5. I’m not great at:
(a) sharing – but neither is my 2 year old nephew 
(b) humility – but who wants to be humble when you can be rich? 
(c) being patient, especially when there is so much to do 
(d) can’t think of anything...hmmm, you’ve stumped me there. 

6. My most natural ability would be:
(a) fierce determination 
(b) Selling. It’s in my DNA 
(c) staying focused 
(d) lying – I could do it to my dying grandma and not flinch 

7. Which quote best sums you up?
(a) Luck is a dividend of sweat. The more you sweat, the luckier you get 
(b) The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bulls*%t story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it. 
(c) The biggest risk is not taking any risk. 
(d) All the money is made between the lines. 

8. I am the world’s best:
(a) opportunist 
(b) Full stop. I’m joking...sort of  
(c) product designer 
(d) deal maker 

9. When I was young:

(a) I daydreamed a lot – but worthwhile stuff 
(b) my family lived modestly but I wanted to be rich 
(c) I was considered a prodigy 
(d) I practised the art of deception a lot 

10. My one piece of advice:
(a) Never take just one piece of advice – get lots
(b) Do I have to limit it to one? 
(c) Have a clear direction & bring in great people to execute it 
(d) I don’t listen to advice. I give it. 

If you answered...

Mostly a’s    
You are Ray Kroc (The Founder)
Ray Kroc

While you may have daydreamed as a kid, as an adult you are a clear thinker with classic entrepreneurial skills. You are determined, persistent and recognise opportunities others have overlooked. In your mind, taking inspiration (and ideas) from others is part of business. So is hard work and, like Ray Kroc, you are prepared to put your head down, work tirelessly and create your own luck. How very McDonald’s!

Mostly b’s
You are Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street)
Jordan Belfort

Confidence, self-belief and your ability to motivate others are your hallmark. So is the desire to make money.  Many think you are arrogant, self-seeking and single-minded. You see these traits as strengths, along with your skill at smelling an opportunity. And when it does present itself, you go in for the kill - kind of like a wolf, say from Wall St...

Mostly c’s
You are Mark Zuckerberg (The Social Network)
Mark Zuckerberg
Source: Columbia Pictures

There was probably a fair weight of expectation on your shoulders given your brilliance as a child but you never really felt it. You were too busy with ideas and your vision for them. Taking risks is a strength of yours, while patience is not - especially when an opportunity presents itself. You will run with it, make it your own, regardless of consequences - which can mean your social network doesn’t always include those it should.

Mostly d’s
You are Efraim Diveroli (War Dogs)
Efraim Diveroli

At a young age you demonstrated your natural skill, although deception probably wasn’t quite the one your parents wanted to encourage. But it has served you well and with instinctive street smarts, you are quite the deal maker - even if it’s at the cost of others, like a close relative.  You are a straight shooter: if you smell an opportunity, you see it as war and any collateral is really for the dogs.

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